What is a tourism product? What are the basic components of tourism products? These are the basics for those who work in the tourism industry. However, not everyone understands these concepts well. Join us to answer these questions through the article below.

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1. What are tourism products

?Tourist products are goods and services provided to tourists, created by the combination of the exploitation of natural and social factors with the use of tourism products. resources: technical facilities and labor in an establishment, a region or a certain country.

2. Basic ingredients of tourism products

Shipping services:

Transportation services are a fundamental part of the tourism product. Including means of transporting guests to and visiting tourist attractions by current means of transport such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, airplanes, trains, boats…

Accommodation and catering services:

This is the main component of the tourism product. It includes services aimed at meeting the needs of tourists such as hotels, tents, restaurants…

Sightseeing and entertainment services: Sights, parks, fairgrounds, landscapes… Consumer goods and souvenirs Other services to support tourists: passport and visa procedures…

3. Characteristics of tourism products

The first tourism product characteristic is its intangibility

Tourism products are non-specific, do not exist in physical form, therefore cannot be touched, cannot be tried and cannot be seen when purchased. Due to its intangible nature, tourists judge product quality through location, service, equipment, information, brand,… Before they need to be provided with complete, reliable information, as well as professional advice. Tourism products are often an experience, so it is easy to copy, imitate and differentiate the product. Commodity products are more competitive than commodity trading.

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The second characteristic of tourism products is inseparability

The process of production, service and consumption of tourism products take place almost simultaneously in the same time and space.

Same time: the operating time of the plane, train, hotel, restaurant depends on the time consumed by the guest. Customer service activities take place continuously without days off and off.

Same space: tourists have to come to the place to consume products, but cannot transport products to places where there are customers like normal goods. Thus, tourism products cannot be separated from the origin of service creation.

No transfer of ownership, transfer of use

Tourism products only exercise the right to use but do not exercise ownership, because once used, they lose their value and become their own experiences (non-physical factors), which cannot be transferred. can change owner.

The characteristic of tourism products is heterogeneity

Intangibility of tourism products makes tourism products often have a quality that cannot be repeated. Only when consuming the product will the guests feel it. Hard to quantify

Characteristics of tourism products are non-storage properties:

Tourism products cannot be stored and stored

In order to carry out tourism products, travel companies must pre-book services: transportation, meals, accommodation, airplanes, ships, hotels. in the restaurant because of not being able to consume will lose an income.

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Supply is passive, difficult to meet when demand fluctuates.

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