What is Server?

Server is a server that has the function of providing and storing information to serve the Client (the user’s machine).

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The client sends a data query to the server through the Internet. The most common model of server can be mentioned as Server-Client. To better understand what the server is, please follow the information below.

The server has the function of providing and storing information

In other words to make it easier to understand, a server is a provider of resources, products or services to agents. Each supplier can deliver “goods” to many places, an agent can receive from many sources.

Take for example in a LAN (internal) network when machines work together and share information with each other. A machine that takes care of storing and distributing data between other machines. Other machines only need to access the network drive and take the resources of that machine to use. The machine responsible for that storage is the server.

Server is the most important part in an internal computer network

Also in life, you will see how important the server is. Calling or texting also uses the above method, through the network operator’s server to exchange information. The above method is also used in radio television with commands from the Client every time the channel is changed.

How was the server formed and developed

?Server has a very long history, being “embryoted” since the 1960s in the US

Server technology is not new at all. Even the first concepts of the server have been present in our lives for a long time. It was not until later, when the internet appeared, that server technology was noticed and became a cloud server.

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When did the Server form

? Few people know, the term “Server” originates from the algorithm named “Quere” and is more familiar than “Black-box”. The algorithm operates on the principle that when there is input data, it will go through processing (Black-box). The result is then output to the finished product returned to the user.

There are many people who think that the server plays an intermediary role between the two data ends. But that’s not entirely accurate. Data through the server is processed in accordance with the client request, not simply transmitted.

What are the stages of server development

?There are many different types of servers in the world today. Not only the computer server but also the server of the telecommunications network, television, traffic network. The word “Server” only started “born” in the 1960s in the US with the birth of “LARC”. “LARC” is the first supercomputer created with the mission to serve the US Navy.

The IBM 7030 Stretch supercomputer was born shortly after and was the most popular server at that time. This contributed to pave the way for the supercomputer industry to develop and explode as it is today.

What types of servers are on the market

?There are many types of servers on the market today

The most popular types of servers on the market today are:

Dedicated ServerVirtual Private ServerCloud Server

Let’s learn about each type of server with Mat Bao in detail.

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Dedicated Server

?Is one of the most famous private server services available today. Providers will advise customers to choose the most suitable server configuration. These dedicated servers will operate independently. Customers order exclusively for large websites (other servers will often share with other websites).

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Accordingly, they will remotely administer and install software and applications. Depending on customer requirements with unlimited resources. The biggest strength of this model is security. Only your website can use resources from the server. Of course, with those utilities, this form of server has a relatively high cost.

A private server helps to ensure stable traffic for large websites

What is Virtual Private Server

?Is a shared server service with other websites, referred to as VPS. Virtual servers are created by dividing a physical server into many “child” servers. Each of these servers functions as the “parent” server and runs as a resource share from the “parent” machine.

Server VPS is created from virtualization technology, one VPS can hold hundreds of other hosting. Renting VPS is especially optimal for building Mail Server, Web Server or Backup/Storage Server systems. Another big advantage that can be mentioned is its low cost and high flexibility.

VPS is a development server based on a physical server

What is Cloud Server

?Currently, Cloud Server (cloud server) is growing and becoming more and more popular. Same virtual server, but there are differences between cloud server and VPS.

Cloud Server is a type of server developed based on cloud computing platform. Therefore, they have outstanding advantages over VPS in terms of stability and flexibility. Cloud server can serve websites with large amounts of traffic without losing stability.

Cloud Server is a modern form of server with high performance

Server and its impact on business and life live

?Server has an important role in our life

Surely all of us know Google. You wonder, Google has million hits a second but outputs results incredibly quickly? The secret lies in its server. If Google’s servers aren’t performing well, it can’t keep its customers.

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In business, too, companies have grown their businesses on the internet. Website is a place to work directly with customers. Every website is hosted on a certain server host. This server will directly affect the return of customer queries. With increased server power, the website will definitely improve and attract more customers.

Server is an indispensable condition for the Internet revolution in particular and all other fields in general. When resources are scattered everywhere, the server will take over the work of “collecting” and “storing” them. All to ensure the end goal is to serve the user.

Should buy or rent a server

?Should you buy or rent a server to save costs and still ensure efficiency?

This depends on the industry you are in. If you are only running a small business or a different industry, you should only rent a server. Because the investment in buying a server, the necessary equipment or managing the server is not simple. Buying servers is only suitable unless you intend to sublease them. Make sure you have the ability to manage them effectively and profitably. Instead, you should refer to the form of renting a cloud server to save costs while the website is still operating at its best.

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You should only choose reliable server providers, cheap servers, with good services to operate your server. The cost of buying or renting a server also fluctuates according to the form of server you want.