Previously, the concept of a server (also known as a server) was simply a CPU, but with other functions and configurations and properties, larger than the CPU, using its own operating system, it was used as a hub. connecting computers in an office, company, agency together… and it is a place for data exchange, general operation of a computer network, using a common printer, as a server for web, webmail…

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For example, in an office with 10 independent computers, if you don’t reconnect, each printer needs to have its own printer, or else you have to install the printer driver on 10 computers, and then print each time. then unplug the printer and plug it back and forth, or use a USB drive to copy data to the printer attached to the printer to print… but when using the server, we don’t have to do that, just need the printer to be on the server, then connect network all machines together, and all machines can print easily. Or want to exchange information with each other, just put on the server a common data directory that all workstations can use… Also used as webmail for mutual exchange, website hosting or running a part its own dedicated software… And this network of computer connections is called LAN…

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What is a server

In the virtualization industry, the server is understood as follows:

A computer program acts as a service to serve needs or requests from other programs (from other computers, understood in professional language as client). The program on the server and the programs on the client can work together on the same computer or on many different computers.

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A computer can provide one or more services to serve the needs of other computers on the same network. A software or hardware system such as a database server, a computer. file server (file server), email server (mail server)…

There are many types of servers with specialized functions such as web server, print server, database server, customer system management server, accounting system… Depending on your needs, you can choose. form of renting servers and providers for reasonable and effective.

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