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A few notes when writing an open letter of offer

Opening letter for bilingual English-Vietnamese offerEmail in Japanese – EnglishJapanese Email Format

Some notes when writing an offer letter

What is an open letter in English?

An open letter in English is an open letter, the meaning of an open letter is to request or publicly express a certain content! In sales, the open letter has many meanings about introducing goods and providing information!

It should be short and concise

Titles that are too long may display incompletely in the recipient’s inbox and the subject’s content may be misinterpreted or not fully conveyed to the recipient. Statistically, email subject lines under 41 characters are more likely to be viewed by recipients than emails with longer subject lines. To create sympathy with the recipient, the title must have content. Don’t put headlines like “Open Letter”, “Hello” because it doesn’t intrigue the recipient and if they ignore it, your marketing plan will be considered bankrupt. You can put headlines like “Discount $400 for laptops now” when doing promotions, or “Solutions to save 50% of management costs” when providing a certain useful service. …

Personalize recipient information

As the recipient, I will immediately read the email titled: “Nguyen Van A sends business opportunity to Ngoc Anh” because it is clearly an email from an acquaintance. Try to include detailed information about the recipient in the email subject to “get their sympathy”.

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Presenting title format

Avoid using too many capital letters, or special characters like

!$% &*

!! &(*! Because if you do, your email will be at risk of being spammed by the recipient’s filter.

The subject line must be relevant to the message body

A title no matter how attractive, but if the content has nothing to do with it, it will always disappoint the recipient. You may be able to “sleep” them the first time, but there won’t be a second time because they will delete them right away. Absolutely do not “trick” the recipient, if you have sent an email with the subject “Discount 400 USD for laptops” then you must fulfill that commitment.

The body of the letter must be brief

The time spent reading emails is not much, so don’t write long. Focus on the main ideas that need to be conveyed and remember to break them up into short paragraphs. In case the message body is too long (like an e-newsletter) you can use short quotes and links to the entire content on the website. Those who want to read the full content can click on the link to see the details.

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Avoid attaching too many files (files) with email

When sending an open letter or a bid letter with Email Marketing, many businesses often attach too many files, making it very difficult to send information. Just imagine, with an attachment of about 3MB sent to 1,000 people, the volume of data you send will be up to 3,000MB! You should upload those files to a website or file sharing service (,,…) and send the download link with the email so that the recipient can download the file when needed.

The content to be conveyed must be in the first line

The content you need to transfer should be in the first part of the email, after the recipient’s name so that they can understand what message you need to share just by reading through. If that’s something they’re interested in, they’ll read the entire email. Avoid saying things like “we know your company operates in the field of … and has been…” Some popular email reading and sending software such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird often have functions. Preview feature, which means that recipients can preview the beginning of an email as they scroll through each email. Therefore, the main content if left in the first part will have a better communication opportunity.

Contact information in email

The last part of the email should include your contact information, including: Name, address, phone, email, fax, website so that the recipient can easily contact you when in need.

Limit the use of too many images

Using images will make your email more vivid and attractive, but too much will make your email heavier. There are some limitations when sending emails when the recipient is using gmail or yahoo, as these providers will automatically not display images in incoming emails and images are only displayed when the recipient agrees. To overcome this situation, you should send a test to a certain gmail or yahoo address to check the shape of your email before sending it to a series of customers and partners.

Open letter offering bilingual English-Vietnamese

Welcome Letter

First of all, I would like to send to all of you my best wishes for health and success.

In order to serve the needs of customers, our company now has a full range of presses from 80 tons up to 450 tons. With a team of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the plastic injection industry. Therefore, we are committed to providing the best and most quality products and services to your company with the motto “Meeting customers’ expectations is our success”.

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Flexible payment time and form, quick response, especially the most perfect price, highly competitive in the market are some of the factors that make up our reputation.

Our regular customers:

With the strength of quality and prestige in the plastic injection market, Thuan Phat Dat is confident to bring the most satisfaction to customers when coming to us.

Thank you very much for your interest in this open letter!

Best regards !

Letter offers

To whom it may concern:

first we would like to send you warm greetings with health and success .

THUAN PHAT DAT PRODUCTION – COMMERCE – SERVICE CO., LTD is now specializing in manufacturing and trading of industrial plastic products , high-tech plastics , household plastics, electricity , electronics , refrigerations… Especially designing and manufacturing molds for plastic industry .

Now, our company would like to send you this open letter for more option in finding a best supplier and hope we are soon to become partners . For purpose of best serving the customers’ needs , our company has fully equipped with molding machines from 80 to 450 tons and highly qualified and skilled team of employees , with experiences in plastic molding industry . So we proudly to serve you best products and service , meet the slogan: “Meet the expectations of our customers is our success”. Form of payment flexibly and quickly , especially with completly price in the market is one of our strengths.

Our regular customers : – Pharmaceutical Industry : Us Pharma USA Co.,Ltd. – Refrigeration Electronics Industry : Haier Electrical Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd. ( Sanyo VN ) , Electronic Refrigeration Company – Darling – Household Sector : Noch Asia Limited Company, Sam Linh Company .

With advantage of best quality on the market , Thuan Phat Dat confidently to serve all customers with satisfaction .

If you want more information please contact us to give you more details of our services.

Best Regards,!


Dear Customer !

First of all, Tra Bac Joint Stock Company (Trabaco) sincerely thanks your company for your interest in Trabaco’s products. Trabaco was established in 1988 with the business of manufacturing and exporting coconut products such as: Activated coconut shell charcoal, smokeless coconut shell charcoal pellets, desiccated coconut, coir, coir mats…. The export market of Bac Tra Joint Stock Company has expanded to over 30 countries and territories, including: Japan, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Korea, Taiwan, UK, France , Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, India, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, South Africa, Ghana, Algeria…

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Over the years, Trabaco has achieved many achievements: the President awarded the “Third-class Labor Medal”, the Prime Minister awarded the Emulation Flag “Excellently completed the task, leading the emulation movement patriotic. 2008 by Tra Vinh province”, the Ministry of Industry and Trade awarded the certificate of merit “Excellent export achievements in 2005” and the title of “Prestigious export enterprise in 2007, 2008, 2009”; In 2010, the Central Committee of Vietnam Youth Union awarded “Vietnam Gold Star Award 2010 for TOP 200 Vietnamese Brands”. In 2011, Trabaco’s products achieved the titles of “Top 500 leading products and services in Vietnam” and “National Quality Silver Award”.

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Now, Trabaco would like to send you some new products as follows:

1. Desiccated coconut

– CDSK is made from 100% natural copra, so it retains the fat and characteristic aroma of copra. The production process and finished products are inspected by I.I.C Inspection Company, SGS and Vinacontrol, the product has been certified by HACCP, HALAL.

Quality: Fine and Medium grain size

Oil content: 60% min.

Free Fatty Acids (FFA): 0.5% max.

Humidity: 3% max.

E-coli, Salmonella, Aflatoxine : No.

SO2: 50 ppm max.

No preservatives or fats are used.

Instructions for use: Use directly to make cakes … or add a sufficient amount of warm water, squeeze the juice to process like regular desiccated coconut.

Packing: Net weight 200g/box, 30 boxes in carton.

Delivery time: (3-5) days from receipt of order.

2. Deodorant box The deodorant box is made from coconut shell activated carbon, so it has the ability to absorb unpleasant odors from vegetables, tubers, meat … emitted when placed in the refrigerator. Manufactured according to Japan’s JIS standards.

Quality: Activated carbon deodorant.

Instructions for use: Open the paper box, put the plastic box on the top of the food compartment, the corners in the car… Depending on the actual conditions, the quantity can be increased to improve the adsorption efficiency. For high efficiency, shake the deodorant box once a month, which activates the activated carbon particles.

Close Package : Net weight/ gross weight: 95gr/110g, 50 boxes in carton.

Delivery time: (3-5) days from receipt of order. 3. Smokeless coal pellets.

Uses: Smokeless coconut shell charcoal is good for cooking in families, restaurants, heating in winter… Compact packaging, beautiful packaging, so it is very suitable for carrying on picnic trips.

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Set technical points:

– Produced from natural coconut shell charcoal, environmentally friendly, smokeless, odorless, toxic air and no chemicals used.