What is an overview of sales promotion? What is the common path and form of sales promotion? What are the factors that make up a sales promotion strategy?

What is Sales Promotion? Sales promotion, also known as consumer promotion, is one of the effective tools of Sales promotion, which is different from the term trade promotion.

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Sales promotion, we are used to calling it promotion, actually includes two types of activities: promotion (consumer promotion) and promotion (trade promotion).

Overview of what is sales promotion?

1. So what is Sales promotion?

Organizing promotions (sales promotion) is a very important marketing skill and one that is used most often.

In business activities of enterprises, sometimes we need to create “pushs” to stimulate the market. The activity that creates “market push” that is directly related to this buying and selling activity is collectively known as sales promotion. However, in particular, sales promotion activities are divided into two separate types of activities:

Promotion of consumption (consumer promotion) Promotion of business (trade promotion).

Some people also call it consumer marketing and trade marketing, I personally do not like to use the two words consumer marketing and trade marketing to refer to activities that encourage consumers to buy and encourage channel partners to sell because the word marketing has a broader meaning. from promotion.

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For example, the concept of consumer marketing in my opinion includes all activities aimed at stimulating consumer demand, including other marketing communications activities, not just incentives to buy. consumer promotion.

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3. Public Relations (PR)

Understood as planned ongoing activities to establish and maintain the reputation, affection, and mutual understanding between an organization and the public.

4. Direct Marketing

Marketing is carried out without the involvement of distributors or intermediaries.

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This means that businesses will communicate directly with customers. Some forms of direct marketing you may know:

Email marketing Direct callsAdvertising at the point of saleOrganizing outdoor events

5 Advertisements

Is a form of propaganda that is paid for a fee to introduce information about products and services to customers. Advertising is an effort to influence consumer behavior and habits by selling messages. attractive goods.

We hope this article has helped you better understand what sales promotion is. Besides, there are basic and commonly used forms of sales promotion today. Good luck!

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