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In resumes, education and professional qualifications are often mentioned. Why is that ? What is the difference between the two concepts of education and professional qualifications? How to write professional skill level in resume?

What is the qualification?

Professional qualification is a term that refers to your ability and ability to specialize in a certain field. For example, computer repair, printer repair, or electrical engineering, that is understood as expertise.

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Qualifications are divided into: Doctor of Science, Doctorate, Master, Bachelor, Engineer, College, Intermediate, Beginner…

How to write professional qualifications

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). A person’s educational attainment is defined as the highest grade completed in the national education system in which he or she has attended.

In Vietnam, the education system is divided into 12 classes, in which: from grade 1 to grade 5 is called primary education, from grade 6 to grade 9 is junior high school, grade 10 to grade 12 is high school. pine.

How to write education level

The level of education will be written in the form of x/12, 12 being the total number of classes according to the education system. x is the number of classes you have completed. If in case you are going to school then the level will be x-1/12.

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For example: The highest class you completed is 9th grade and you are no longer going to school then in your profile your education level will be 9/12. In case you are still studying, the level of study will still be subtracted by 1, which is 8/12. Note, in this section, you do not have to write in High School, University, Intermediate … this part will be recorded in the professional qualifications section.

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At the professional level, you don’t have to indicate what year you are studying (eg 2nd year of University). But only record the highest professional level for which you are trained. Or refresher at the time you’re on record.

What is the qualification?

Usually, next to the qualification section, there will be a specialization. For example, if you graduated from the University of Economics with a major in Accounting, you would write in the qualification section as Bachelor, with the major in Accounting.

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Hope this article helps you distinguish the difference between a cultural background and a professional level.