You are using Viettel network but wondering whether to use a prepaid or postpaid package; don’t know which package is cheap calling and texting. Because currently, Viettel has 2 packages for customers to choose from: prepaid subscribers and postpaid subscribers.

So what is a postpaid subscription?

Postpaid subscribers are subscribers where users have to register for the service at agents, have a clear contract, at the end of each month, you pay for that month’s use.

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Why should you use a postpaid sim?

Why should you use a postpaid sim?

1. Charges for calling and texting:

2. Other preferential packages:

3. Don’t worry about interrupting calls:

– Customers using postpaid plans will be able to call freely and without the concept: “Your account is not enough to make this call”. If you use a prepaid sim card, you must top up the card to maintain calls or text messages.

– Customers only need to pay money once a month through the following methods: payment at home, money transfer via Internet banking, scratch card or BankPlus service, etc.

4 . Confidential Information:

When customers want to check the information of the subscriber number in use:– For prepaid sims: You write TTTB to 1414 (the switchboard will send you information including your full name; date of birth; certificate number) ID card/passport,…) – For postpaid sim: you must call Viettel 198 switchboard; The staff will notify you of the necessary information.

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Who should use a postpaid sim:

– Customers who have a lot of calls and messages: business people, businesses, …

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– Sim has great value (information security).

Register for Viettel Postpaid:

Customers who want to register for the postpaid package need to bring the original ID/ID card and a photocopy (no need to notarize) for information registration procedures. In case the customer does not have an ID card at the time of registration, one of the following documents can be provided instead: – People’s Police Certificate. – People’s Security Certificate. – Military ID team.– Identity card.– Passport.

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Through the above article, do you know what a postpaid subscriber is? And why should you use a postpaid sim? If you are using a postpaid Viettel sim and want to switch to other networks, you cannot ignore this article: Switching networks to keep Viettel – Vinaphone – Mobifone numbers.