What is a business partner? Business partners are not just contracting partners with you, they can be business owners just like you.

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What is a business partner?

In a business relationship, a Business partner is a partner in doing business with you. They can be companies or other businesses or individuals that are owned and operated just like you.

What is a business partner?

Business partners are of two types:

general partnership: in a general partnership, the partners manage the company responsible for debts or other obligations. General partners can include limited partners. They can own, run the company and be liable. Limited partnership: they are just investors. They have no control over and run the company. At the same time, they are not subject to the same liability as general partners.

Some notes when you want your business to operate as a partner.

Unless you expect a lot of passive investors, a limited partnership is usually not the best option for a new business. Because of all the required records and administrative complexity. If you have two or more partners who want to be actively involved, a general partnership is much easier to form.

Personal liability is a primary concern if you’re using a general partnership to structure your business. Like sole proprietors, general partners are personally liable for the partners’ obligations and debts. Each general partner can act on behalf of the partner, borrow funds and make decisions that will affect and be binding on all partners (if the partnership agreement allows). Keep in mind that partnerships are also more expensive to set up than a sole proprietorship because they require more legal and accounting services.

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If you decide to organize your business as a partnership, be sure to draft a partnership agreement that details how business decisions are made, how disputes are resolved, and how purchases are handled. again. You will be glad you have this agreement if for some reason you are having trouble with one of the partners or if someone wants to get out of the agreement.

Business partner

The agreement should address the purpose of the business and the authority and responsibility of each partner. It is a good idea to consult an attorney experienced with small businesses for help in drafting the agreement.

Some decisions related to Business partner

How will the ownership interest be shared? For example, it is not necessary for two owners to share the same ownership and authority. However, if you decide to do it, make sure the rate is clearly stated in the agreement. How will the decision be made? It’s a good idea to establish voting rights in the event a major disagreement arises. When only two partners own a 50-50 business, a deadlock is likely. To avoid this, some businesses pre-offer a third partner, a trusted collaborator, who may only own 1 percent of the business but whose vote could break a relationship. .When a partner withdraws funds, how will the purchase price be determined? One possibility is to agree on a neutral third party, such as your banker or accountant, to find an appraiser to determine the price of partnership benefits.

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Prices even in business between partners

If a partner withdraws from the partnership, when will the funds be paid? Depending on the partnership agreement, you can agree that the money is paid over three, five, or 10 years, with interest. You don’t want to have a cash flow crisis if the entire price has to be paid on the spot all at once.


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