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Watching: What is a con artist

What is the meaning of the word Con Artist

Con artist: scammer, swashbuckler, con artist

When talking about the artist, people often refer to the actions and activities of a fraudster. It can be said that artists are those who use proverbs, winged words, to paint about things that are not real.

An artist’s activity is often to build trust on the fake in order to achieve his or her own goals. If understood this way, the society we live in has a lot of artists.

There are more and more scammers everywhere. Conartist is also often associated with people who deceive women, to appropriate property or other purposes.

In addition, acts such as phishing, scamming (scamming information) are also performed by scammers.

Scams such as buying digital virtual currency, buying insurance, selling real estate, etc. are all activities related to the artist.

Related Vocabulary

When mentioning the word artist, it is impossible not to mention English words related to the behavior of an artist.

Con Job : 1 job done by 1 artist

For example, a scammer has devised a plan to defraud people of money then that scam is called a job.

Con Man: person/scammers

The word man to refer to a man who specializes in cheating women. The plural form of this word is yeast.

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Con Woman: cheater (being a woman)

This word is used to refer to a woman who specializes in scamming other people’s money. Con Women is its plural form.

Cheat: (verb) cheat, cheat

Tricks: tricks

Scammer: object/scammers (often used for information-related scams)

Scamming: deceptive behavior, fraudulent activity, scams

Phising: information fraud, information theft

The word phising is often related to emails of scammers used to steal information, passwords, accounts through email systems.

Sociopath: a person with a personality disorder.

Usually sociopaths are people with psychological illnesses, with manifestations of anti-social behavior, personality disorders, and dehumanization. Moreover, people who show signs of wanting to control, exploit, or violate the rights of others are also likely to be listed as sociopaths.

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At times, sociopaths also hide under many guises. People with this disease also do not know and they behave inhumanely. With a world of money revolving around, a lot of people suffer from this disease (sociopathy).

Sociopaths are often caused by childhood circumstances and difficulties such as poverty, abuse, emotional shock, etc., that create personality disorders.

5 Signs to Identify an Artist

There are quite a few signs to know that a new person who comes in contact with you is an artist with pre-arranged fraudulent purposes. One thing is, the artist often appears in the business (in the cloud). Here are 6 signs to identify an artist.

Speak Fast, Active Speech

The ability to speak quickly and explain in quick words is a good skill. However, proverbs are words that conceal the truth. The artist uses proverbs and slurs to hide the fraudulent purpose behind.

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Earn Money Easy

You must always understand that there is no free lunch in this world. Scammers always make you believe that making millions of dollars, becoming a millionaire is easy and fast as he says.

The artist often describes making a lot of money as nothing to him/her. Usually this is just a psychological trap that hits people’s greed.

Fake About A Shiny, Shiny Profile

Already a scheming person, the artist will dress well. Pretend to be rich. Others are very good at tricking ladies. Conartists who cheat love often have a way, dress very “cleanly bearded, well-dressed” and appear to be aristocratic.

Artists who use ostentatious words like coming from company A, corporation B, have large equity (1 very large number) in XYZ. There are also people who give a profile of all the children of the big man, his brother, that woman…. This is the attack on the power-loving mentality of people.

Too Good To Be True (Too Good To Be True)

Ride a good car, travel in four directions, eight directions. Live your days like a dream. They all hit the psychology and greed of people. Scammers will try to show off as much as possible to gain the trust of others.

Maybe the artist also travels, doing it for real, but it’s just a fake conspiracy. So if you see something it’s too much, too ostentatious, then it must be part of the job.

Do not miss the opportunity

Scammers will always talk and talk fast about not missing an opportunity to make money. Register now, don’t miss out. Child The artist will use quotes to make you think that if you miss an opportunity, there will be no next time. The opportunities that scammers offer always hit people’s psychology and greed. Therefore, be wary of geeks trying to present a deal to you.

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Remember that you can always spend time querying information about what is mentioned by the artist. And you should be skeptical of “easy” opportunities, because nothing is easy.