Several years ago, I discovered that the secret to good health lies in maintaining healthy cells that are able to hold water. Since then, the Science of Cellular Hydration has been at the core of everything we do at Murad, from our premium skincare line to intensive skin treatments and specialized treatments. from the spa of Murad – the number 1 brand in the US in the field of dermatology.

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So, what exactly is the Science of Cellular Hydration

?When we are born, about 75% of our bodies are made of water. Between adulthood and middle age, the amount of water in the body can be as low as 50%. This means that as we age, the cells in our body lose water. But fortunately there is a way to boost cell counts in the human body – even as we age – by applying the Science of Cellular Hydration to everyday life.

Cellular hydration science is based on the ability of cell membranes to retain water in a unit of cell to assess how young and healthy the body is, whether a person’s health is good or not. Because skin is truly beautiful only if it is healthy at the cellular level, rich in moisture by getting plenty of water and nutrients from the diet and specialized skin care products that we all know. Use on daily basis. Only in this way can the body be able to optimize cell quality in a sustainable and comprehensive way.

Here are some very basic rules to help keep your cells young and dewy:

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Promotes the production of water cells in the body

According to the Pitcher of Health, the nutrition manual of Dr., Dr. Murad, building a healthy diet and staying hydrated is a simple way to create a nutrient-rich environment inside the body. capable of forming healthy cells. When we eat in this way, the body will be provided with an abundant amount of micronutrient water that is enough to create an ideal environment for healthy cells to grow.

Protect cells

Intensive skin care products with strong moisturizing ingredients can support and strengthen the skin’s barrier function, thereby protecting cells from damage and dehydration caused by the external environment while still Support healthy cells to continue to reproduce. This will help the cells on the surface of the skin look younger and healthier. Anti-inflammatory drugs and antioxidants used internally or externally both reduce the frequency and severity of environmental aggressors.

Spend more time for yourself

With experience in contact with thousands of patients, Murad finds that keeping the body away from the stresses and strains of life is an important factor in helping to nourish and strengthen cells. People who never turn off their phones, are constantly on the go and never have time for themselves tend to be dehydrated. By taking some time out of your day to relax and do something you enjoy, you can feel the benefits of every cell in your body.

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If you adopt this simple lifestyle to build healthy cells, rich in water and nutrients, you have the ability to prevent aging, disease and at the same time experience a range of health benefits. health and beauty.

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Article by Dr. Howard Murad – a world-renowned skin care expert and the “father” of the “Connected Beauty” movement.

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