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Function (Econ) Function.+ A mathematical formula that specifies the relationship between the values ​​of a set of independent variables that determines the values ​​of the dependent variables.

function function, function function; function // action, operation f. of bounded variation function with bounded variation f. of a complex(real) variable function of a real complex variable f. of concentration (statistics) concentration function f. of dispersion (econometrics) dispersion function f. of exponential type function of exponential type f. of finite genus f. of f. function of function, composite function f. of infinite type function of infinite type, function of maximum type f. of limited variation function with bounded variation f. of maximun type function of maximal type, function of infinite type f. of minimum type (analytic) function of minimum type f. of position position function f. of random variable (probability) function of random variable f. of singularities (calculus) function of singularities, singular component f. of support function is absolutely additive set f. absolute function add absolute monotonic f. acylic absolute monophonic function f. non-periodic function, non-cyclonic adjustment function f. (statistics) characteristic of the statistical set algebraic(al) f. alternate algebra function f. (algebra) analytic(al) alternation function f. antihyperbolic analytic function f. S. antitrigonometric inverse hipebolic function f. arc-hyperbolic inverse trigonometric function f.s inverse hipebolic function area f. function determining area (in Mincopxki space) arithmetric f. arithmetic function associated integral f. asymptotic distribution f. atomic set asymptotic distribution function f. automorphic atomic set function f. isomorphic function beta f. bicomplex beta function f. bicontinuous bicontinuous function f. biharmonic continuous function f. bijective harmonic function f. bilinear function f. Boolean bilinear function f. function Bun bounded f. bounded function set f. bounded set function carries f. function carrying characteristic f. feature function circular cylinder f. circular cylindrial wave f. circular cylindrical wave function symmetric f. class f round symmetry function. closure class function f. close-to-convex closure function f. combinable quasi-convex function f. the union function is comparable f. complementary comparison function f. complement function (distinct solution of a non-homogeneous linear differential equation) complementary error f. complete analytical error compensation function f. completely additive set f. (analytic) completely additive set function completely defined f. (logic) ubiquitously defined function complex f. complex velocity function f. composite complex velocity function f. (analytic) computable composite function f. (logic) the function computes concave f. confluent hypergeometric function f. (analytic) conical degenerate hypermultiplier function f. conjugate conjugate function f.s conjugate harmonic function f.s (calculus) conjugate harmonic function content f. contiguous hypergeometric capacity function f.s continuous asymptotic hypergeometric function f. continuous function control f. control-allowable test function f. The control function allows convex f. convex function coordinate f. cost coordinate function f. countable additive set f. countable additive set function covariance f. criterion f covariance function. standard function cumulant generating f. (probability) cumulative frequency f. cyclotomic cumulative frequency function f. cylindrical division function f.s cylindrical function Betsen decision f. (statistics) decreasing decision function f. demand reduction function f. (statistics) demand function density f. density function, density distribution derived f. determination derivation function f. (analytic) determiner function developable f. differentiable expansion function f. the differential function gets digamma f. digama discontinuous function f. (analytic) discriminant discontinuity function f.(statistical) discriminant discriminant function f. distance dissipation function f. distribution distance function f. dominant distribution function f. doubly periodic function f. driving bicyclic function f. function filled elementary f. elementary function elementary symmetric f. symmetric function has elementary transcendental f. elliptic(al) elementary transcendental function f. function elliptic elliptic(ai) cylinder f. elliptic elliptic modular f. elliptic energy modulus f. the entrire energy function f. (analytic) integer function entrire f. of zero type integer function minimum entrire rational f. integer rational function envolope f. equimeasurable inclusion f. equality function can measure eror f. error function, error function, error probability integral (y=erfx, y=erfcx, y=erfix) even f. even function expenditure f. explicit cost function f. function shows expomential f. exponential factorable f. factorial function f. finite factorial function f. finite function flow f. (analytic) line function force f. position, force function forcing f. forced function free f. frequency f free function. frequency function frequency distribution f. density function, density gamma distribution f. general recursive gama function f. fully recursive function generating f. birth function Hamiltonian f. (physics) Hamilton harmonic function f. holomorphic harmonic function f. orthologous function, homogeneous analytic function f. homographic homographic function f. simple hyperbolic function f. (analytic) hyperbolic hyperbolic inverse f. hyperconical inverse hyperconical function f. hyperelliptic supercone function f. hypergeometric hyperelliptic function f. hyperharmonic function f. implicit super-regulatory function f. impulse implicit function f. incomplete beta f. (analytic) incomplete beta function gamma f. (analytic) gamma function incomplete defined f. (logic) deterministic function does not quite increase f. increasing function independent f.s (analytic) independent function indicator f. the index function of the integer function initial f. (logic) injective primitive f. integrable monochromatic function f. (analytic) integral function f. of mean tyoe integral algebraic f. integral transcendental integer function f. integer transcendental function interior f. (analytic) function in interval f. (analytic) inverse distance function f. (analytic) inverse circular f. inverse hyperbolic function, inverse hyperbolic inverse trigonometric function f. inverse trigonometric inverse hyperbolic function f. inverse trigonometric function, inverse irrational f.

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iterated irrational function f. iterative impedance function f. iterative impedance function jum f. (cybernetics) kernel jump function f. (analytic) the node function known f. lacunary known function f. Lagrangian sum function f. (physics) Lagrange function, lifting dynamic potential f. limited lifting function f. linear bound function f. linear function linear integral f. locally constant linear integer function f. logarithmic local constant function f. logarithmic trigonometric function f. logarithmic function logarithmically convex f. function with convex log logical f. (logic) logistic logic function f. (econometrics) logittic loss function f. many-valued loss function f. (analytic) multivalued function mapping f. (analytic) measure mapping function f. (analytic) measurability f. meromorphic measurable function f. (analytic) metaharmonic f. harmonic meta function minimal f., minimun f. modular minima function f. function modulela moment generating f. monodrome moment generation function f. monogenic analytic function f. (analysis) monogenic analytic function f. of complex variable (analytic) function of a single complex variable representing monotone f. (analytic) multiform monotonic function f. multilinear function f. multilinear function multiple f. function multiple valued f. multiplicative function f. multivalent function f. multivalued polyphyletic function f. natural trigonometrical multivalued function f. negative natural trigonometric function infinite f. non-analytic infinitely large negative function f. non-differentiable function f. non-differentiable function nn-negative additive f. non-periodic additive function f. non-uniform acyclic function f. non-monovalued function normal f. normalized orthogonal function f.s null normalized orthogonal function f. non-numerical function f. function equals the number of objective f. (game theory) odd objective function f. odd one-valued function f. (analytic) single-valued function operator f. order operator function f. orthogonal order function f.s. oscillating orthogonal function f. oscillation function parabolic(al) cylinder f. parabolic cylindrical function partial f. partial recursive partial function f. partition partition recursive function f. pattern f partition function. schematic function (used to compute invariants) periodie f. p-harmonic periodic function f. function p- harmonic phase f. phase function phi f. the phi (of Euler) function piecewise continuous f. piecewise regular function f. piecewise regular function plurisubharmonic f. multi-harmonic function below point f. (analytic) polygonal point function f. polyharmonic polygon function f. possibility f . positive likelihood function f. positive function positive definite energy f. positive definite energy function positive real f. positive real function positively infinite f. infinitely large positive function potential f. position, force function, power f multiple harmonics. (statistics) primitive force function f. primitive function propagation f. propositional transfer function f. pseudoanalytic clause function f. pseudo-periodic analytic function f. purely discontinuous cyclic pseudo-function set f. quasi-nanlytic discontinuous pure set function f. quasi-periodic quasi-elliptic function f. quaternion function f. quatenion radical function f. random root function f. (probability) random function randomized decision f. rationally randomized decision function f. rational fractional function f. rational integral function f. rational integer function reactance f. real-valued reactance function f.(analytic) reciprocal real-valued function f. recursive function f. recursive function reduced characteristic f. reduced feature function regular f. regular function f. of a complex variable complex variable functions are related f.s dependent functions remainder f. function of ring remainders f. risk ring function f.(statistics) saddle risk function f. saddle function schlicht f. simple (analytic) function self-impedance f. semi-continuous autoregressive function f. semi-continuous sequential risk function f.(statistics) consecutive risk function set f. (calculus) function signal set f. sign function, xicnum simple (analytic) function f. single-valued (analytic) function f. single-valued function singly periodic f. singular periodic function f. sinusoidal singular function f. sine slope function f. smooth slope function f. (statistics) smooth function, function is idiosyncratic source f. source function, Grin spectral function f. spectral function spherical wave f. spheroidal wave function f. square-integrable wave function f. function squared integrable step f. (analytic) step function; (cybernetics) stored energy transition probability f. stream energy strain function f. stress flow function f. stroke stress function f. (logic) function Sefe subharmonic f. the supernormal function supply f. (statistical) function provides symmetric(al) f. (analytic) temperate symmetry function f. slowly increasing function temperature f. (analytic) temperature function test f. (statistics) function (standard) tetrahedral f. tetrahedral function totally additive set f. transcendental perfectly additive set function f. transcendental function transfer f. transfer function trial f. (analytic) basis function (of the basis space) trigonometric(al) f.s trigonometric trigonometric function triply periodic f. tricyclic function truth f. (logic) true function typically-real f. (analytic) typical unbounded real function f. (analytic) unbounded function uniform f. uniformly best desision f. (statistics) the best decision function uniformly unit step f. univalent unit ladder function f. (analytic) universal simple function f. (logic) utility function f. benefit function varied flow f. function line variable vector f. (analysis) vector function wave vector f. wave function wave vector f. weight wave function f. (statistics) zeta weight function f. (analytic) function zeta zonal hyperspherical f. super global function function of a productfunction of exchange: function of exchange (of money)implicit function: intrinsic function of a product of the product constant elasticity of substitution)Cobb-Douglas expenditure function: Cobb-Douglas expenditure function Cobb-Douglas production function: Cobb-Doug production function lasCobb-Douglas utility function: utility function Cobb-DouglasDouglas” production function: production function DouglasFriedman’s money demand function aggregate Lucasadditively separable utility function: function of separable utility function: adjustment function relatedaverage cost function: average cost functionaverage function: mean bounded function: bounded function demand function: compensatory demand functioncompound function: complex function conditional factor demand function: conditional probability density function: conditional probability density function: consumer’s demand function use continuous function: continuous function: continuous function: continuous probability function: continuous probability function correction function: correlation function cost function: cost function. criterion function: discriminant cumulative distribution function: cumulative probability function: cumulative probability functiondemand for money function: money demand function in statistics)dependent function: correlation functiondirect utility function: direct utility functiondiscrete function: discontinuous function divergent function: diffuse functioneven function: even functionexpenditure function: spendexpenditure function: exponential function: exponentialexport flow function: export flow functionexport function: export functionfixed coefficients production function: production function with fixed coefficientsglobal maximum of a function – creating demand function: customary demand function (consumption)habit- creating demand function: demand function creating custom (consumption)habit-creating demand function function: implicit functionimport function: import functionindirect objective function: indirect objective functionindirect utility function: indirect utility functionindirect utility function: indirect benefit functioninput demand function: input demand function function: investment function linear production function: linear production function long run cost function: long run cost function market demand function: market demand function monotonic function: monotonic function production function: production function production function function: profit function quadratic utility function: quadratic effective function incomesales response function: consumption response functionsaving function: saving functionsaving function: saving functionshort run cost function: short run cost functionsocial welfare function: social welfare functionsocial-welfare function: social welfare functionsubhomogeneous production function: pure production function under superhomogeneous production function: absolute pure production functionsupply function: supply functionsupply function: function supplysurface of a function level: level surface of the function compensationutility function: utility function utility function: utility function zero of a function: zero point of function zero of a quadratic function : correlation functioncircular function: circular functioncommunity consumption function: social consumption functioncomparison function: comparison functioncompound function: complexity functionconsumption function: consumption functionconsumption utility function: consumption utility functioncontinuous function: continuous functioncorrection function: correlation functioncost function: cost functiondemand function: demand functiondensity function: cryptographic function degree (in statistics)dependent function: correlation functiondiscrete function: discontinuous functiondivergent function: diffusion functioneven function: even functionexport flow function: export flow functionglobal maximum of a function: global maximum of function global minimum of a function: global minimum of function implicit function: hidden functioninvestment function: investment functionproduction function: production functionprofit function: profit functionquadratic utility function: quadratic effective functionrange of a function: value domain of function sales response function: consumption response function saving function: saving function social-welfare function: function of social welfaresupply function: function of supplysurface o f a function level: level face of function tax function: function tax utility function: effective function zeros of a function: zero point of function task responsibility o function; function, function § chemical function : chemical function § partition function : distribution function § transfer function : transfer function § velocity function : velocity function § velocity depth function : speed-depth function § wave function : function wave

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