Web Hosting and Domain have an intimate relationship that is almost inseparable. Without those two systems, the website would not be able to function.

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Whenever it comes to websites, users will hear about Domain and Hosting. So what is Domain, what is Hosting and what is the relationship between them? This article will answer them all.

In today’s world, everyone uses the Internet system for many different purposes such as connecting with friends and relatives or promoting their business image, etc. The special thing that Intem brings is normalization. equality, no matter how much a customer uses a quality system, it will be like other low-quality, low-cost systems when on the Internet.

Due to the increasing number of businesses creating websites, to distinguish those websites, Inte created IP addresses. However, IP addresses are extremely difficult to remember and that is the reason for the birth of Domain names.

Definition of Domain

Domain name is a word used to refer to the address by the name of all websites on the Internet instead of the IP address. With this domain name, customers do not have difficulty remembering the address instead of having to remember the IP number ranges. The domain name of each website has a separate address, never overlapping.

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Every Domain has two parts, the business name and the domain type. The business name part is at the discretion of the customer, but for the domain type, use the following common types:

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.mobi (mobile phone)


(network – network)


.edu (education – education)

(commercial – commercial)

Domains are divided into many types with different “tails”, each with different meanings and management organizations, and the cost of each domain name is not the same.

In Vietnam popular domain:– International domain: .com, .net, .info- Vietnam domain: .VN, .com.vn, .edu.vn There are also many other domain extensions.

Domain makes it easier for people to remember website address than IP

What is the concept of Hosting (Web Hosting)?

Every website contains information, images or even videos. All of this data is contained in a place called Hosting or Web Hosting, which means Hosting is always active 24/7 and non-stop. To meet the needs of visitors, businesses are always required to rent a server because a server can contain many different Hosting.

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Hosting has many types based on operating system, controlpanel and source code running on Hosting too. If you choose the wrong type of Hosting, the website may not work or the performance may not be high. That’s why you need an accurate advice from an expert to not buy the wrong one and get better results on the same budget!

Hosting meets the storage and data processing needs of users

Through the concept, users can see that Hosting and Domain are almost different, but actually, they have a close relationship with each other. So what is that relationship?

Domain and Hosting – close relationship

As mentioned, Web Hosting and Domain have an intimate relationship that is almost inseparable. Without those two systems, the website would not be able to function. Simply put, if you don’t have a domain name, you can’t find a website, and without Hosting, you can’t create a website.

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Depending on the needs of each business, users can change any suitable Hosting but not with Domain. Therefore, customers can change Hosting to find the most satisfactory service and can only buy a new domain name if the old Domain is no longer suitable.

Domain and Hosting always have a close relationship with each other

Should buy Web Hosting and Domain together or separately

?Many businesses have had the question whether to buy Hosting with the same domain or a separate provider, the answer is the same location. Buying at one location will help users easily control as well as not waste time on the process of pointing the domain name to Hosting as a private user. In addition, users also do not incur additional costs for problems arising between the two parties.