You must have heard people who go to work all refer to the term deadline and the fear of being “late to the deadline”. So what does deadline mean? Here CET with you to find out!

Deadline is a term used in many fields and industries. We often confuse the two concepts “deadline” and “dateline” because both have meanings related to working time. In this article, it will help you distinguish more clearly about two specialized terms to arrange work more conveniently, rationally and achieve higher efficiency. Deadlines are used in many fields and industries and have the effect of ensuring work is completed on time as well as motivating us personally to work more focused and quickly.

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What is a Deadline

?1.2 Methods to help you run the Deadline effectively1.3 The “mistakes” when setting the Deadline

What is the deadline?

Deadline means the deadline to end but this term refers to the time to complete a specific work that is limited to a certain time. Today, almost every industry applies deadlines to work to motivate employees to complete work on time. Since then, being late, running or being hit by a deadline has become a constant fear and obsession of anyone.

In the field of hotel business, the deadline is the deadline of the implementation process according to the plan for the hotel staff to complete the tasks assigned by the management, the boss. For example: the deadline for revenue summary in the second quarter of 2018, the deadline for making a business plan for the fourth quarter of 2018… For restaurant and hotel employees, the deadline is the goal to help them implement the tasks. tasks clearly, quickly and efficiently.

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Is Deadline really as bad as you think

?Besides the “bad” aspects, deadlines have certain useful functions for your work. It will be the goal for you to track and execute the plan set out in the most accurate way.

Deadline also helps create trust between partners and employees, helping partners see the effectiveness of your work. In addition, when becoming a manager, deadlines will be a psychological “weapon” for you to motivate your employees to work better.

Methods to help you run Deadline effectively

Clear and detailed plan

You must have a plan for each time period for each individual. The detailed, easy planning makes it easier for you to control the results of your work. In addition, if you have too many Deadlines, please arrange in order of priority to complete first.

Highest determination, continuously trying

This is a race, as long as you stop, you will fail.

Negotiate time

With a job, you need to give a reasonable amount of time, ensure it can be completed. You can’t come up with a 30-day workload and schedule a 3-day completion. You will be bored from day one and nothing will happen the next day.

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Notice Notes

Please take notes, notify to ensure the work will be done according to the schedule. This is also a way to remind yourself to focus more on work.

Have the right team/tools for the plan

If the job requires teamwork, choose the most suitable teammates, listen to their opinions and work together to find the most effective method for you to accomplish the best work.

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Request for help

There will be plans beyond your control. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. All timely help helps you best limit the risks of not completing the job.

The “mistakes” when setting up Deadline

“Overlapping” Deadlines

Different jobs will have different execution and completion times. However, sometimes we will have overlapping deadlines (especially during peak periods). Therefore, you should take notes and systematize by day, month, quarter, year to make adjustments or receive timely support.


If setting a deadline is not feasible with the ability and actual conditions, then you are forced to overwork, mentally depressed and the work results may not be as desired.

Do not break down each stage

This mistake will make you lose control of the progress of your work. Dividing into small stages for Deadline will help you system, evaluate, and distribute energy and resources more reasonably.

Really need to be patient

For jobs that need meticulousness and consistency, creating a deadline is only a waste of your time, but the results are still not completed.

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Imitate others

Setting deadlines according to others will push yourself into failure. Depending on the ability of themselves, the group, and support equipment, the time to complete the work varies.