A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a brief summary of information about your education, skills and experience. An effective CV is one that highlights the skills you have and the characteristics that set you apart from other candidates for the job the employer is looking for.

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CVs are usually the first consideration by employers when receiving a candidate’s resume. A CV serves as an important source of information for an employer and should be carefully prepared by the candidate. Although an effective CV does not mean you have been hired, an effective CV is also an important factor in helping you to have a chance of being shortlisted for an interview.

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What is a CV and why do we need to write a CV

Create a CV with content that matches the position you are looking for. This doesn’t mean that all of your work experience has to be directly related to the position, it does mean that your CV should highlight your skills, qualities and competencies. that employers rely on to evaluate you.

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How to write a standard cv

A few tips when writing a CV

The CV language should be:

1. Be specific instead of general

2. Active instead of passive

3. Write coherently instead of flowery

4. Write the truth (determine the content to write and the quality of writing)

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5. Write so that employers can skim quickly and still understand what the main content you write is

5 mistakes when writing CV

1. Vocabulary and grammar mistakes

2. Forgot to write down contact information like email and phone number

3. Use passive language instead of action words

4. The content layout is not suitable, it is difficult for recruiters to grasp information in the fastest way

5. Too long

Things you must absolutely say NO

1. Abbreviation

2. Use autobiographical writing style, story-telling

3. Number or write letters in categories

4. Use slang or idioms

5. Mention age or gender if working in a foreign company like UK, USA

6. Interrupt the content of 1 item in your CV by switching to another page. If an item does not have enough pages, it should be aligned with other sections, so that any item on the CV is only written on that page. If there is a small amount of paper left over, you can switch to another page.

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Things you should

1. Consistency in content and format

2. Easy to read and easy to follow

3. Use spaces, underline, italic, bold, and capital letters for emphasis

4. List the main categories (such as Personal Experience…) in order of importance

5. In the main category, list the information in chronological order (the nearest item is first)

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