“The definition between VIA and Clone must be very confusing for many people if they are just starting out. Because in a nutshell, it’s different from heaven and earth. I have asked the same question over and over again but have not been able to find a complete answer. It was only until today that I wrote this article that there were answers about Via Facebook and Clone. Distinguishing for you.”

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First, I would like to ask the concept between Clone and Via so that everyone can distinguish it from my own experience

Clone is a type of fake acc that is inactive or created for the purpose of doing something and not interacting much. If there is interaction, it is only called giving, but not using much.

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Most Clone creators do not want to let others know their identity before using it.

ACC VIA is a type of acc that works or is used by real users. It includes all the user’s information and interactions with friends..messaging using right on it.

You will probably come across some sentences like Via lemonay Via not yet chang. So what does that Via mean?

Most of Via usually change first because most of the acc is HACK. And change is to change the user’s gmail and phone number. So that they can’t get the account back anymore.

If you haven’t changed it, you haven’t changed any information. Everything is still yours. So you must have understood the meaning of Acc clone and acc Via have not changed and changed, right?

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There is a lot of other information like VIA VIET or VIA US, you understand that is the real user nick of that country.

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And what is VIA used for? This is probably what you all intend to do, so you came here. Here I list what I use VIA for.

Run a Facebook.Seeding Facebook ad.Add a Facebook group.Share for a Livestream or something.

There are also many benefits. But why should I use it, I will give the reason why I choose it.

Very strong – not much checkpoints or identity verification (Clone played with a few checkpoints). Trusting on ad accounts is OK. Please.

Currently, you are mainly using the amount of VIA on advertising. So everyone should choose via to run ads rather than Reg Clone which is very laborious.

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Only short lines like the above have answered your questions. VIA price: 25k/1 child to 50k/1 child as good as distilled water, friends.

Currently, VIA does not have much available, so please order quickly because the quantity is limited.