In the context of globalization and integration, if you want to advance far in the accounting industry, you need to know industry-related English terms such as what is an English accountant, what is an English chief accountant… right now list of accounting terms in English!

1. What is a chief accountant in English

?Accounting is always one of the industries with the highest demand for jobs because of its attractive income. The income level of accountants will be increased many times if they become chief accountants and work in an international environment. To do that, it is natural that accountants need to know English terms in the profession.

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First of all, the chief accountant is the head of the accounting department in organizations, they are responsible for the entire operation of the accounting department, giving advice to the leadership on financial strategy… Any organization Everyone needs an accounting department to contribute to economic and financial management.

Chief accountant in English is chief accountant. Where “chief” means chief and “accountant” means accountant. The position of chief accountant is always considered a milestone on the career path of the accounting industry because of its important role in the organization. If asked what the chief accountant is, the answer is that they are the most important people in the accounting department.

Chief Accountant in English is Chief Accountant

2. Accounting terms in English

Learning the terms in English is not only a necessary requirement if you want to work for companies with a foreign and international element, but knowing the terms in English also helps you in using the language. foreign accounting software or read specialized documents.

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2.1. Terminology for accounting personnel

Accountant in English is Accountant. Accountant is also sometimes translated as “Clerk”. An accountant is a person who does accounting work such as calculating, providing financial information to the organization, helping the board of directors, investors, tax authorities make decisions about the allocation of resources. The general accountant is translated as General Account, who is responsible for most of the accounting-related aspects of the business such as collecting, processing data, financial evidence, accounting, tracking and Manage liabilities as well as expenditures and monitor business product data. Internal accountant English is Internal Accountant. They are the person in charge of checking information and monitoring activities belonging to the operating system of the organization, financial capital within the organization, other legal revenues, expenses and expenses. English is Receivable accountant. This is a position responsible for working with debts that the organization has to collect or pay. Tax accountant is Tax Accountant. They do the work of calculating taxes for businesses, This position ensures businesses comply with their legal obligations.

You need to know the terms of human resources in the accounting department

Terms such as chief accountant in English, general accounting, internal accounting… are basic terms of the accounting department, in some organizations, we also have positions such as:

The accounting manager is the Account Manager. The accounting supervisor is the Accounting Supervisor. The general accountant is called the Staff Accountant. The cost accounting is the Cost Accountant. The project accountant is the Project Accountant. The accounting clerk is translated as the Accounting Clerk/ Accounting Secretary

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2.2. Terms related to accounting profession

Besides understanding what a chief accountant is in English, the terms used to refer to personnel in the accounting department, you also need to know more about the basic terms related to working in the industry in English.

The accounting equation is the Accounting equation. The accounting equation: Assets = Owner’s Equity + Liabilities. This is the core problem of the accounting model, which clearly reflects the financial relationship. Auditing in English is Auditing. Auditing and accounting always go together, audit is the work of checking transactions and the entire system thereby helping the organization to make financial statements.

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Accounting entry in English is Accounting Entry. Journaling means recording transactions and ledgers.Assets means Assets are defined as economic resources of an organization that can provide future benefits to the subject.Balance sheet Accounting is a Balance sheet, is a report showing the position of assets of a company, equity and liabilities of an organization at a specific time.Certified public accountant (CPA) means Accountant Notary public is often referred to as CPA by people in the profession. This term refers to a person who has been certified by the state to practice public accounting. Expenses are translated as Expenses, which are the amounts the organization spends to generate revenue. Financial statements are Financial statements. This type of report is made to show the financial position and current performance of an organization held at a particular time. The historical cost principle is translated as the Historical cost principle. This principle holds that every transaction and event can be measured and reported at purchase price. An income statement is an Income statement, which shows revenue and financial position over a period of time. of the International Accounting Standards Board organization, the English name is International Accounting Standards Board Debt is Liabilities, that is, the debts of a company to other objects. Net loss in English is Net loss which is the difference between expenses. costs are greater than the organization’s revenue over a period of time.

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Owner investments is translated as Owner investments.

Understanding accounting terms in English is a necessary requirement in the integration period

Above are some accounting terms in English such as what is a chief accountant in English, how are positions in the accounting department translated… Want to find a job as a chief accountant or any position in the department? In accounting of companies with foreign elements, you should refer to the necessary terms to serve the job. In the current integration era, please educate yourself more English related to your profession to go further on your career path!