common carrier road, rail and water carriers

Cargo pass (on bicycles…) to strap a parcel to the carrier to tie a postage condition into the cargo pass

carrier carrier recombination recombination free carrier carrier density negative carrier density negative carrier

discrete carrier intermediate image carrier intermediate image carrier intermediate image carrier

telecommunications company

Explanation VN: In the telecommunications sector, a specified frequency can be modulated to carry information, or a company provides telephone and communication services to users. use.

common carrier public carrier

charge carrier minor carrier minority carrier


Explanation VN: In the telecommunications sector, a specified frequency can be modulated to carry information, or a company provides telephony and transmission services. information to users.

acoustic carrier angle-modulated carrier audio carrier authorized carrier angle carrier frequency carrier allowed carrier frequency acquisition carrier acquisition carrier amplifier amplifier amplitude regulation carrier carrier regulation carrier balance carrier balance carrier carrier band band carrier bandwidth bandwidth carrier carrier carrier channel channel carrier carrier code code current carrier carrier current carrier carrier cycle cycle detect detect Carrier carrier Detect (V24) (CD) Detect (V24) carrier detect light (CD) carrier detector light detect light (CD) wave detection light carrier carrier detection (CD) carrier detection carrier deviation carrier deviation carrier difference system carrier difference f alter carrier carrier carrier generator carrier Group Alarm (CGA) carrier group alarm insertion oscillator carrier insertion oscillator isolating choke coil isolation carrier breakdown carrier leak leak carrier level level carrier carrier line line carrier carrier transmission line loading sensation carrier carrier carrier modulation modulation carrier noise carrier noise carrier noise noise noise test set carrier noise tester power carrier carrier power power flux carrier carrier surface power density re-injection filter set carrier suppression filter carrier recovery recovery carrier recovery circuit carrier recovery circuit carrier carrier reduction reduction carrier regeneration regeneration carrier reinsertion operator carrier re-insertion operator repeater carrier repeater carrier repeater carrier repeater replenishment carrier replenishment scanner carrier scanner sense of carrier sense sense of carrier detection sense of carrier recognition sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/ CA) carrier-aware multiple access, carrier collision avoidance sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) carrier-aware multiple access, carrier collision detection sense signal sensor signal carrier carrier sense signal-COR carrier detection signal sens e carrier carrier sensor system carrier carrier signaling suppressed carrier signaling suppressed carrier suppression suppression carrier suppression suppression carrier suppression suppression of deletion carrier wave system carrier carrier system carrier carrier system system terminal equipment ) carrier-to-noise ratio Carrier interference modulation To Noise Ratio (C/N) carrier-to-noise ratio Carrier to Noise Ratio (CNR) carrier-to-noise ratio carrier transfer filter carrier carrier transfer filter transmission carrier carrier transmission carrier carrier voltage carrier carrier carrier wave carrier carrier carrier-way frequency beat beat carrier-frequency separation carrier-side separation carrier-side carrier-wave generator carrier-wave modulation carrier-wave modulation CD (carrierdetect light) centered carrier focused carrier chrominance carrier color carrier chrominance carrier output color carrier color carrier color carrier color sub-carrier color sub-carrier common carrier common carrier communication common carrier common carrier continuous communication carrier continuous carrier CSMA (carriersense multiple access) CSMA carrier sensing multiple access /CA (carriersense multiple access with collision avoidance) carrier-aware multi-access data carrier detect (DCD) data carrier detection data carrier detector (DCD) data carrier detector DCD (datacarrier detect) data carrier detection DCD (datacarrier detector ) digital carrier data carrier tuner Digital Carrier module module Digital loop carrier module (DCM) module digital loop carrier discrete carrier digital loop carrier wave discontinuous carrier Double – Sideband Suppressed Carrier (DSSC) double sideband Suppressed Carrier (DSBFC) double Sideband Suppressed Carrier (DSBFC) wave carrier compression sideband excursion of the carrier-frequency carrier frequency deviation facsimile carrier carrier of the fa cximile floating carrier dynamic carrier modulation FM carrier FM carrier modulation FM frequency offset carrier frequency offset carrier offset strong> offset carrier displacement frequency separation of the carrier full carrier frequency deviation high spectral density carrier complete carrier high-density carrier image carrier information carrier inter-carrier inter-carrier spacing carrier interrupted carrier wave-ICW carrier keyed carrier local carrier manipulated carrier long-haul internal carrier system long range carrier loss of carrier signal disappearance signal luminance carrier signal luminance carrier luminance carrier main carrier luminance carrier output main carrier luminance carrier frequency main carrier frequency frequency main carrier mean carrier frequency modulated carrier average carrier modulated carrier modulated carrier modulated carrier modulation depth of the subcarrier modulation depth of the subcarrier modulation depth of the subcarrier > multi-destination carrier multi-destination carrier multi-destination carrier multidestination carrier Multiple Channel Per Carrier multi-channel per carrier strong> carrier telephony multiplex network carrier carrier of nominal carrier network frequency nominal carrier frequency normal sound carrier offset carrier normal sound carrier system on-plus-one carrier displacement carrier system one plus one open-wire carrier system bare wire optical carrier system Optical Carrier level-n (OC-n) (OC-N) Wave carrier optical level (OC-n) peak modulation of the main carrier phase inversion of the carrier peak modulation frequency phase inversion of the carrier wave phase inversion of network wave phase modulation of carrier picture carrier phase modulation picture carrier picture carrier filter pilot carrier wave filter pilot carrier pilot carrier pulse carrier test carrier pulsed non-sinusoidal carrier pulse carrier non-sinusoidal dynamic carrier quadrature carrier quadrature carrier radiated carrier radiated carrier power Radio Common Carrier (RCC) common radio carrier radio-frequency carrier radio carrier received carrier carrier reception level Receiver Carrier Detector (RCD) receiver carrier detector reduced carrier carrier reduced carrier single-side band emission reduced carrier emissions reduced carrier system reduction in carrier level during modulation wave level desensitization carry in Remote Carrier Modulation Module (RCM) repeater carrier far end carrier module station repeater carrier relay carrier station residual carrier carrier booster station wave residual deviation (ofa carrier) residual deviation (of carrier) residual sub-carrier residual sub-carrier residual sub-carrier RF carrier RF second carrier pulse seconds pulse second sound carrier separate sound carrier separation of carrier frequencies signal carrier frequency separation signal carrier signal carrier signal carrier Signal Conditioning Carrier (SCC) signal conditioning carrier Signal Conditioning Carrier System (SCCS) Single-carrier modulation carrier system Single-carrier modulation (SCM) – Channel – Per – Carrier (SCPC) one single channel carrier single channel carrier (space radio) single channel per carrier single channel system on single channel carrier per carrier one channel per carrier single-channel carrier single-channel carrier Single-Sideband Suppressed Carri er (SSBSC) single-side without carrier sound carrier audio carrier spectrum of the modulator sub-carrier spectrum of stable carrier modulated sub-carrier stable carrier Sub Carrier (SC) sub-carrier sub-carrier sub-carrier amplitude sub-carrier amplitude sub-carrier channel sub-carrier channel line Sub-Carrier Frequency Modulation (SCFM) sub-carrier frequency modulation -carrier level sub-carrier level sub-carrier monitoring instrument sub-carrier monitoring instrument sub-carrier monitoring instrument sub-carrier signal sub-carrier signal suppressed carrier carrier suppressed carrier system suppressed carrier suppression transmission suppressed carrier suppression transmitter suppressed carrier suppression of the sub-carrier suppression of the sub-carrier suppression sub-carrier teconditioned carrier deletion telegraph carrier recovery carrier telegraph telephone carrier current telephony carrier line telephony carrier telephone television carrier carrier power carrier power television television carrier power video carrier video video carrier vision carrier image carrier zero carrier zero carrier zero zero carrier digital carrier no

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