After graduating from the University, you will receive a degree and each country will have different regulations. In our country, if you major in natural sciences and social sciences and humanities, pedagogy, law, economics, you will receive a bachelor’s degree and it is called a bachelor. Those who study engineering are called engineers.

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So what is bachelor in English? What about other graduate degrees?

What is a Bachelor of English

?Bachelor of English is Bachelor and bachelor’s degree is Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the industry, there are specific bachelor degrees as follows:

Bachelor of Vietnamese Abbreviation The Bachelor of Science Bc., B.S., BS, B.Sc. or BSc Bachelor of natural science. The Bachelor of Business Administration BBA Bachelor of Business Administration. The Bachelor of Commerce and Administration BCA Bachelor of Commerce and Administration. The Bachelor of Accountancy B.Acy., B.Acc. or B. Accty. Bachelor of Accounting. The Bachelor of Laws LLB, LL.B Bachelor of Laws. The Bachelor of public affairs and policy management) BPAPM Bachelor of Administration and Public Policy.

After college, you can work or continue your education. If you choose to continue studying and improving, you should explore graduate programs to get a master’s degree and a doctor’s degree.

What is a Bachelor of English?

Levels and degrees in English

All levels of study include undergraduate and graduate training programs, in English, to understand clearly, you need to first understand the terms in the following table:

Vocabulary How to Read Meaning Undergraduate /ʌndəˈɡradjʊət/ students who are studying at university and pursuing a bachelor’s degree Bachelor /ˈbatʃələ/ bachelor Postgraduate /pəʊs(t)ˈɡradjʊət/ graduate training program but finish the course student only receive diplomas. Master /ˈmɑːstə/ Master Doctor /ˈdɒktə/ Doctorate Degree /dɪˈɡriː/ Diploma /dɪˈpləʊmə/ Certificate /səˈtɪfɪkət/ certificate

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So in English there are levels:

– Bachelor’s degree: bachelor’s degree = university diploma.– Master’s degree: master’s degree.– Doctor’s degree: doctorate degree.

Note: Distinguish degree, diploma and certificate

– Degree: issued by the university – Diploma: issued by universities, colleges and intermediate schools with vocational certificates with a short study period of about 2 years.– Certificate: this is a certificate not a certificate.

Just like university degrees, depending on the profession, master’s and doctoral degrees also have different names.

Common Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

Certificate Abbreviation Meaning The Master of Art M.A Master of Social Sciences. See also: What is Underground – Meaning of Underground The Master of Science M.S., MSc or M.Si Master of Science in Natural Sciences. The Master of business Administration MBA Master of business administration. The Master of Accountancy MAcc, MAc, or Macy’s Master of Accountancy. The Master of Science in Project Management M.S.P.M. Master of Project Management. The Master of Economics M.Econ Master of Economics. The Master of Finance M. Fin Master of Finance. Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D Doctorate (general disciplines). Doctor of Medicine D.M Doctor of Medicine. Doctor of Science D.Sc. Doctor of Science. Doctor of Business Administration DBA or D.B.A Doctor of Business Administration. See also: What is the Household Code, Where to see the Household Code Post-Doctoral fellow Postdoctoral fellow.

Through the article, you must have understood what a bachelor’s degree in English is, along with other degrees, right! If you are planning to do graduate school, consider carefully the career requirements and market trends and then decide!

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