Scorpio born on this day is truly a “mystery” of the world. People born on November 11 because their lives are based on a material level, they depend on their own knowledge and experience to lead them where they want to go. People born on this date have a magical creative power. They are natural storytellers. One concern about all aspects of the human experience is that enlightenment affects the lives of those born on this date.

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Scorpios born on November 11 are intelligent, resourceful, and charming. (Illustration)

Friends – Love

A superficial relationship is one beyond comprehension of these people, who enjoy an intense friendship and a love relationship. When they fall in love, it’s almost as if they become who their partner wants to be. While this can create a wonderful bond, it also creates a very complicated relationship for the sake of the relationship itself.


People born on November 11 have an odd trait about them. As parents, they don’t want to – nor allow themselves to be influenced by their children’s problems, no matter how deeply they love their children. They are more likely to see their children as a “loan” to nature rather than a true “gift”… and they are often able to keep their ego problems out of parenting. female.

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Since the will of people born on this day is very strong, it is contrary to the fact that these people are endowed with a fragile body, but good health. If their creative powers are unleashed, people born on this date will enjoy a high degree of vitality…if their inspirations are blocked, they may become depressed, and gradually exhausted.

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Career – Finance

Scorpio they need to feel that they are contributing something unique to be able to handle a difficult time at work. Money is not an issue for them to choose a career, they can accumulate and manage a fortune of their own- However, money has no emotions to keep them. (which can be understood, they do not work for money, but work for pleasure, and even if you throw a bunch of money out to ask them to do something they don’t like, it won’t work)

Dream – Goal

Although their attitude is a bit… badass (“otherworldly actually means another world”), people born on this date are very concerned with practical responsibilities, especially towards those they love. Their personal dreams can be so grand and unreal…only – impractical but not impossible.

ʚ You should: Positive thinking, graceful way of talking, and the will to win.

ʚ You should avoid: Inner fear, minutiae, and an adventure