In daily life or on some websites, especially on classifieds or trading forums, we often hear the word fix. For example: fix the price, or fix the fee… So, do you understand what the fix is? In each case, each situation, the meaning of fix will be different. Let’s take a closer look at the following article.

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Fix is ​​an English word in the specialized field that means “fixed, held tight”. Normally, its meaning is translated into Vietnamese as “repair”. In fact, the word Fix has two main meanings: “repair” and “discount”. However, in Vietnam, the habit of using the word Fix is ​​widely used, the meaning will be different depending on the industry and field. So how is its meaning used in each case:

What is a fix in trading

For example, on online shopping sites, when buyers ask to fix the price, the word Fix here means asking the seller to lower the price, close the last price, or give the last price away. As for the seller, Fix here means that the price is fixed without paying the price.

Practical examples:

Like a seller selling a car for 800 million, someone came in and asked Fix. In this case, the seller wants to reduce the price to sell the car, he can fix the price down, but if he doesn’t want to, the seller apologizes can’t reduce it. Therefore, the seller avoids the case of bidding before posting, so write a good price, no longer fix the fixed price, or “NOT FIX” means that this price is not fixed, can bid and negotiate.

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Fix in the fields of information technology, construction

Then the word Fix is ​​exactly the same as “repair”. For example, if the software on a laptop is faulty or has a problem, the company providing that software must fix the error or fix the problem for that software. In the field of construction, it is to repair something that has been damaged or degraded in need of repair.

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Next we will go to learn what the terms Fixed Price and Fixed Cost are?

What is Fixed Price

Fixed Price (Fixed Price) is understood that the purchase and sale will not change the original price. Sellers use fixed prices when they want to set a single price and exclude the possibility of an auction. The fixed price chosen will:

Automatically disable auction functions and act as BINs for buyers. This is best used when sellers are confident they know the value of the market.

Remember, as a Seller it is your responsibility to research the market prices of the products you want to sell before you ship them.

What are Fixed Costs

Fixed Costs are costs that you still have to pay even if you don’t produce anything. For example, office rent, monthly electricity and water bills.

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Hopefully the following article will help you understand what the meaning of the word Fix is, if there are any mistakes, please ignore them.

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