From ancient times to the present, according to the oriental concept, feng shui has greatly influenced human life. Each person is born with a certain destiny according to nature, from the year of birth you can find out what destiny that person has. Let’s find out about people born in 1985 with Feng Shui Oriental Jewelry!

The year 1985 belonged to the destiny of Kim – Hai Trung Kim

1. What is the age of birth in 1985

?Those born in 1985 in the lunar year are At Suu, the zodiac sign of buffalo.

Year of birth in the lunar calendar: At Ox -> Age of the Ox buffalo

Destiny: Kim – Hai Trung Kim – Gold in the sea

People born in the year of the buffalo have an honest, tolerant, stubborn personality, are not good at communicating, as a woman, they often believe in the sweet words of others, so they always fail, so they must be very careful. This person is quiet and quiet, but has a soft attitude, works hard, is enthusiastic, sure, always cares about money, builds his career with his own two hands.

Watching: Born in 1985

Ox people always live responsibly and practically, so in their work, they are trusted and appreciated by their superiors. This person lives to work, they are the ones who get benefits and results from their efforts at work, but they do not dare to speak their thoughts directly.

Stable, hard working, industrious, creative and always looking straight at the reality are the characteristics of the Ox people. But their biggest shortcoming is their lack of flexibility, their inability to accept sincere advice from their friends, their authoritarianism, their autocracy. They are people with traditional views, so they need to correct these shortcomings immediately, so they should sympathize with others.

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The reciprocity in the five elements

2. Feng shui for people born in 1985?

Which direction is suitable for being born in 1985

?Southern network 1985: west direction (virtuous vitality – complete blessing), southwest direction (perennial year – all stability), northeast direction (natural medicine). – meet heaven and be protected), northwest direction (reveal – get help)

Female life: in harmony with the east (virtue – complete blessings), north (permanence – all stability), southeast direction (heavenly clothes – protected by heaven), south (revealing position – being protected) help).

Born in 1985 what color match

?Male network: yellow, earthy brown belongs to the element Tho (mutual), white, gray, recorded belongs to the element Kim (compatible). Colors that should not be used such as green, red, pink, purple

Female network: green, blue belong to the element of Wood (mutual), red, pink, purple, orange belong to the element Fire (compatible). The colors should not be used such as white, gray, gray, black, navy blue, sky blue.

Color lookup table by destiny

What is the right age to be born in 1985

?Male network:

In business: At Suu, Mau Thin, Tan Mui

Husband and wife selection: At Suu, Mau Thin, Tan Mui, Dinh Suu, Quy Mui, Ky Mui

Horse age: Tiger, Nham Than, Giap Tuat, Mau Dan, Nham Tuat, Canh Than

Female network:

In business: At Suu, Mau Thin, Tan Mui

Choosing a husband and wife: At Suu, Mau Thin, Ky Ty, Tan Mui

Horse age: Tiger, Nham Than, Giap Tuat, Mau Dan, Nham Tuat, Canh Than

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Born in 1985 with which number

?Male’s destiny is compatible with numbers: 6, 7, 8

Female destiny number: 3, 4, 9

Feng shui stones for men and women born in 1985

The male born in 1985 belongs to the zodiac of Can (Kim) and belongs to the West Tu Trach region

Men born in the year of the Ox belong to the zodiac sign of Kim, according to the incompatibility rules of the five elements, Earth gives birth to Kim, Kim is compatible with Kim, Kim carves Fire and Moc.

The feng shui stones suitable for men such as golden hair quartz, moon stone, tiger eye stone, white quartz, smoky quartz, bright yellow tiger eye stone ..

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Female born in 1985 belongs to Ly Hoa sign, belongs to Dong Tu Trach.

Feng shui stones suitable for women such as amethyst, jade, oil marble, monstrous stone, blue hair quartz, rose quartz, green onyx, red rutilated quartz…

Five-Colored Ghost Quartz Ring 8 cups

3.Notes when choosing to buy feng shui stones for people born in 1985

In order to attract fortune, enhance luck, health and love, you should choose for yourself the items that are suitable for your destiny.

Feng shui jewelry must be natural gemstones to bring energy and feng shui meaning to attract the spirits of heaven and earth. In addition to choosing to buy a feng shui stone suitable for par, buyers must also find 100% natural stone plus vitality from the stone to help bring luck, fortune, health and a happy life.

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