JavaBean are pure Java classes, used to represent entities in Java programs. Today I will show you how to create and use JavaBean in Java Web programming with JSP.

A JavaBean class will have three syntactical features:

1. Is a public class 2. Has private properties 3. For each property, the class will provide a setter / getter method pair to access and manipulate the value of each property.

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+ setter: These are methods that allow you to set the value of a property. + getter: These are methods that allow accessing and retrieving the value of a property.

Open a Java editor, here I use NetBeans IDE. Create a new Java Web Project. Name the project and select the folder path containing the newly created project.

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Create a Java class to represent JavaBean. Here we define a class named NhanVien. Declare properties, then create setter/getter method pairs.

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We create a JSP page to write the interface code that uses JavaBean. Then we call the methods of JavaBean. Can be used in 1 of 2 ways:

Then display the result on the JSP page. Below is an illustration of how I have accessed JavaBean in two ways.

Used to locate or create JavaBean objects. : Used to set the value of a JavaBean property. : Used to get (get) the property value of JavaBean.

The useBean action declares a JavaBean for use in a JSP. Once declared, the bean becomes a script variable that can be accessed by both script elements and other custom tags used in the JSP. The full syntax for the useBean tag is as follows:

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< jsp:useBean id = "Bean Name" scope = "Bean's scope" typeSpec />

Here the values ​​for the scope property can be: One page One request One session or based on application request The value of the id attribute (Bean Name) can be any value as long as it is a unique name among other useBean declarations in the same JSP.

Congratulations on understanding more about how to use JavaBean in JSP

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