Special characters, emotion (emoticon) or acronyms… Often used by young people on social networks to express themselves. And add nuance when chatting with others. So what are the brands commonly used by young people? Or what is XD that so many users. Follow the article below of Canada Goose Outlet ^^.

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What is XD?

Instead of using the icons available from the toolbar installed on the computer or phone, users can more easily remember what the symbol stands for when using the equivalent character.

For example, the smiley face icon on facebook is denoted by :D. On some community forums, people replace them with the letter X for closed eyes, D for grinning mouth (XD) you can tilt the phone at a 90 degree angle to see better, usually young people just use these symbols to chat with each other on social networks.

XD is different from .D is ???? is ‘happy, appreciative, happy smile’ and XD is ‘squinting smile, with a feeling of wonder or hesitation’.

Basically, XD is similar to lol (laughing out loud) – interesting, amusing… and is often used in the following 2 cases:

*When a person has nothing left to say

*To end a sentence, a story

What is



To talk about the word LOL, the brothers playing league of legends are no stranger to this phrase.

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LOL here stands for League of Legends which means: League of Legends. To avoid having to say long or not say this phrase correctly, many of you have used LOL instead of saying League of Legends or League of Legends.

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However, this is just a semantics of LOL, in addition, LOL also stands for the phrase “Laughing out Loud”. Simply understood as “laughter, or amusing”. Usually in humorous stories. There is an entertainment element that foreigners use LOL to express their feelings. But in Vietnam, although English is widely imported, the majority of young people rarely use this word. Note a little before you use it, this word does not have an impure meaning. It sounds a bit sensitive though. So please refrain from using it. It’s best to use it when chatting with friends.

So you can completely use LOL to comment a funny status of a friend or relative if that person is a foreigner.

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