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What does Wassup mean?

Wassup is an acronym for “What’s up”? does that mean how are you? Or have something new to say?

Currently, young Vietnamese people have widely used this word instead of their native languages. This is considered a phenomenon following the movement of writing new words from foreign languages, besides, young people also have words such as: what is cmn, what is wtf, what is stfu, etc.

But this is just a word used to communicate with friends, socialize, but when in luxurious places or with polite people, this word will not fit the context and sometimes it even causes harmful misunderstandings. for yourself.


Wassup Michael?Thks! I’m cool.

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In the youth, Wassup when talking to the opponent – his enemy is like a challenge to the opponent to fight – to fight with him. This is often seen in young people who want to “color” in front of their girlfriend or someone they like, which will cause serious and unpredictable consequences.

There have been many cases of deaths because of unnecessary Wassup sentences or cases of fights that resulted in injury to you and your opponent. Be patient and know how to be humble, whether it’s right or wrong, a little fasting to be peaceful is essential.

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