This time, I will first give two points of attention when answering the interviewer’s question in an English interview.

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I. Include specific examples

To the interviewer’s questions, try not to answer only Yes/No. Put 5W1H correctly and give specific examples such as past experience, including “With that experience, how can you benefit the company applying?”. The most important thing is the perspective of the company applying for.

Also, even if asked for cooperation, just saying “Yes, I’m a team player” will not convey anything. It is imperative to give specific examples that can prove that you are a team player.

Sentences like “I’ll try anyway” “I’ll do anything” in foreign companies they won’t approve. Please state specifically what you can do yourself? How can you contribute to the company?

II. Positive reply

Regardless of the question, the rule is to avoid negative answers. Even if you are asked about your shortcomings, you must always answer positively. As for the failure experience, focus and talk about what you learned from it, how to use it to succeed rather than talking about your own experience. Also, if you are not asked, there is no need to provide your own experience of failure or defects.

On the other hand, there are also people who misinterpret “positive” as “in a foreign company, everything should be said clearly is better” but it is true that it is better not to say it, all over the world. . For example, for the question “Why did you leave your job?” then it is strictly forbidden to blame the superior or the previous workplace. If so, this is like saying to the interviewer, “After I quit there, I’m going to badmouth that place at the next company.”

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III. Example answer

Right now, let’s take a look at frequently asked questions and example answers.

1. Question: Tell me about yourself (Please introduce yourself)

This is not a personal question such as when and where you were born, how many people in your family, what your family is doing… but should answer that you have experience, knowledge and ability How and you also have the opportunity to freely sell yourself.

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People with work experience should say things related to the job, but if you are a recent graduate, without real experience, say things that can show your qualities and capabilities related to the job.


I’m an English major at *** University. After I graduate in September, I’d like to work for an international trading firm. I’ve traveled to several countries in Asia and Europe. Getting to know other cultures and people is a fascinating experience. I’m currently enrolled in night courses in business English and export-import documentation in order to prepare myself for the field.

I am majoring in English at the University. After graduating in September, I want to work at an international trading company. I have traveled in Europe and Asia, getting to know different people and cultures, I think it was a great experience. Preparing for work in this field, currently, in the evening, I am studying import-export procedures and business English at a professional intermediate school.

2. Question: Why is there a long gap in your employment history?

(In the work experience section, why is there a long gap?)

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Regardless of the reason such as volunteering, giving birth, studying abroad, traveling for a long time, etc., emphasize that you have had valuable experiences through that event and gained the skills that the position is applying for. recruitment request.


Between my first and second jobs, I decided to take a year off to travel around the world. I backpacked from Asia to Africa and to Latin America, visiting more than 60 countries. It was a great experience, probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I met so many interesting people from all over the world and made some great friends. I’m still in touch with some of them after three years. Intercultural communication skills are among those I acquired during the trip and helped greatly in my current job. I am sure that it will help me with this new position as well.

After quitting my first job and before changing jobs, I decided to take a year off to travel around the World. I packed my backpack and traveled around over 60 countries from Asia to Africa, then Latin America. This is a very wonderful experience, perhaps once in a lifetime. I was able to meet very interesting people from all over the World and even made good friends. Now even though 3 years have passed, I still keep in touch with some of them. The skill of intercultural exchange is one of the things I learned during this trip, it is very useful in my current job. I’m sure it also helps in this new position.

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Come here, since started writing about how to write English CV and interview in English it’s been a year now. This entry is today the last post. Over the past year, thank you all for reading. From now on, I hope everyone’s job transfer, working in foreign enterprises will be better…Best of luck!

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