If you are one of those people who want to buy an iPhone at a good price today, it is impossible not to know the concept of iPhone drifting warranty. But there are many people who confuse this concept or mix it up so that buyers don’t know which way to go.

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So what is iPhone drift warranty (TBH)? iPhone TBH is defined as a 100% new and unused genuine Apple device. When checking on the Apple homepage, the TBH device will show a message that this device has not been activated.

iPhone TBH usually has 2 forms:

Drift warranty has not been activated and after activation, there will be genuine warranty from a few months to 12 months. Drift warranty has not been activated, but after activation, the warranty period will expire, then your machine will be guaranteed by the store.

Users can check for themselves whether the device is active or not and how long the warranty period is by: Checking through the serial number or IMEI number on Apple’s homepage: https://bitly.vn/zo- . Users will receive a Please active your iPhone message, which means the device has not been activated yet. At this point your device is brand new and has never been used. But when you put the sim into the device, activate the device and use it for about 1-2 minutes, then the Apple system immediately transmits the imei and serial number that has just been activated to Apple’s customer service system and it will automatically Report back and post on the web this machine has been activated and how many machines are still under warranty. It will clearly state that their machine is still under warranty until how many days, how many years.

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So should I buy an iPhone with TBH or not? Of course, all products are aimed at target groups with different needs. That’s why TBH’s iPhone is an item that is always appreciated by those of you who have limited budget but still have the desire to buy yourself an iPhone at a much cheaper price than official FPT products, … ExPhone confidently always brings to you. give our dear customers the most “tasty” machines, the most reasonable prices and the most important thing is the best and best quality after-sales policy.

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