These are the girls who just want to be pampered, showered with expensive gifts, foreign trips, luxurious dinners, all-night parties in trendy places. best.

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She also likes to have money from her daddy so that she can live comfortably.

Number 2: “Help me grow up”

For this sugar baby girl, money or material things, house, car is not her number one concern. What she wants most is the wisdom, wisdom, life and work experience of her sugar daddy.

She wants her lover to be at the same time a teacher to help her become more mature in life.

Number 3: “When will you marry me?”

This sugar baby, despite her young age, loves to be at home. Reason:

One, maybe because she wants to be his woman. Two, she doesn’t want to lose him to someone else, so she wants to have a bond. Three, she wants to be provided with a higher level.

What is the real Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationship

?It is possible to find an equivalent phrase in Vietnamese to describe “Sugar Baby” that is “mistress”. This “adoptive-adoptive” relationship is all about sex (usually from the older person) and money (from the younger one), Sugar Baby is like a disguised prostitute.

Female students in schools are the ones who get the most attention. Of course, it must be fresh, intellectual students who know how to behave, even make a gentleman look good when he takes Sugar Baby to receive guests…

They mostly come from poor families, have money needs for education, clothes, buying cosmetics and even schoolchildren. The beauty of each girl and good manners or good in… it also shows the level of a Sugar Baby to make a deal with the rich and rich Sugar Daddy.

The concept of a hundred years old existence

About the first recorded “sugar baby – sugar daddy” pair in history

According to the Reporter-Herald, the concept of sugar daddy is a bit related to sugar, literally cane sugar.

Adolph Spreckels and Alma are considered the first “sugar baby – sugar daddy” pair in history.

It is difficult to determine exactly when the phrase “sugar daddy” appeared. However, according to many historical documents, in 1908: California businessman Adolph Spreckels, heiress to a huge fortune of the sugar refinery Spreckels Sugar, married Alma, a beautiful girl 24 years younger than him. .

And perhaps because of the coincidence in business as well as the age difference, Alma started calling Adolph “Sugar Daddy” (roughly understood as Father Duong, sweet man).

But 1908 was not the year when the concept of “sugar daddy” became popular

The time period for the concept of “sugar baby – sugar daddy” was from 1915 – 1920, and in the press was in 1926.

Since then, “sugar daddy” has become slang for rich guys who are willing to give money or expensive gifts to young ladies in exchange for bodies and affections.

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The father of sugar daddy ’empire’ was once a nerd, self-deprecating and shy

From a nerdy college student without a lover, Brandon Wade became the CEO of a series of websites, including the highly criticized sugar daddy app.

Brandon Wade (49 years old) is the father of one of the most controversial dating sites in the world – Seeking Arrangement. This is a place that provides “sugar dating” service, specializing in connecting rich, old sugar daddys who are willing to hang out with attractive girls who want to experience a luxurious lifestyle.

In addition to Seeking Arrangement, which is currently the largest sugar dating website in the world, Brandon Wade is also the founder and “brain” behind a series of other dating websites and apps such as Miss Travel, WhatsYourPrice, Seeking Millionaire, Carrot Dating… Most provide love services in the “win-win” style between the rich and the beautiful.

Doing business in a field that receives a lot of criticism, Brandon Wade himself has been entangled in many scandals about statements related to money exchange, getting rich from a new type of prostitution.

Brandon Wade was born and raised in Singapore and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). In 1993, he graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and two years later received an MBA from the Sloan School of Management.

Wade described himself in the 1990s as a “lonely, shy, socially ignorant and extremely nerdy young man”.

“I look so dumb, like guys with Harry Potter glasses, off-tone clothes, even baggy pants all the time,” Wade said.

“I see people around me dating and just waiting for my turn. But I realized that girls only like handsome, rich, successful men.”

Wade is too shy to approach, start a conversation with a girl. From here, Wade hatched a plan to build a dating website – a tool to fill his self-doubt and shyness but help him flaunt his financial ability.

The 2k female students joined the closed group to search for “sugar .” daddy” provides 8-10 million/month

Posting a picture of themselves with personal information and body mass index, the girls will give the level of support they want to find in the “adoption father”, usually around 6-15 million. If they are afraid, girls can also use intermediaries to contact and connect with the right “adoptive father”.

Getting acquainted, making friends and then becoming lovers becomes faster and easier. The popularity of dating apps also makes people think more openly about the level of commitment and duration of relationships.

But no matter how much they think about it, many people are still shocked when the story of finding a lover is publicly posted, with body measurements, monthly “support” amount, and many other long criteria such as: a CV, makes people feel like they are in the wrong group… recruitment!

Mirror messages looking for “adoptive father – adopted child” in closed groups

Recently, the online community has been buzzing about a group called “SGDD – SGBB”, which is said to stand for “Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby” (roughly translated: adoptive father – adopted child).

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With this form, usually the boyfriend will provide his girlfriend with a certain amount of money each month, and the girlfriend will also follow some of the boyfriend’s requests after the two sides agree.

While there are exceptions, most sugar daddy – sugar baby relationships will include a sexual requirement, so the “parties” are not usually openly sought.

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That’s why the online community is startled when reading messages openly selling themselves, from their looks to the ability to have sex, of girls who are only in their 20s but want to find “grandfathers”. adoptive father”.

Girls who are only 20 years old post information with photos to find a caregiver.

The requirements for sugar daddys are not simple: both need to have enough money to support their “adopted daughter” every month from 6-15 million, and also need to be “educated, polite, kind, reasonable, Good looking, no fuss, respect privacy, only meet 1-2 times a week.

In return, in order to prove themselves worthy of the above strict requirements, the girls also recorded admirable characteristics in themselves such as being young, being a student, pretty, “gentle, 1m65 tall, 3 rounds just enough, good skill”.

In addition, there are other requirements such as wanting to talk, watch movies, or “learn about life and society” from sugar daddy.

The allowances range from 5-15 million/month

In these secret groups, not only many girls post information about themselves looking for sugar daddy, but many young men are also looking for their sugar baby. Equally, the “adoptive fathers” are looking for girls who are “reputable, docile, obedient” girls, especially “clean, not playful”.

If you do well, there will be “good treatment”, “an additional bonus of 2-5 million VND/month if it is really harmonious”, “the first time you serve it ok, you will keep it for a long time”. Some people are married but still want to find another baby.

The information “recruiting” is publicly posted in the group.

Daddys often want to find a “clean and good” baby. The person on the left even claimed to be married. Notably, the exchange also involved “matchmakers”.

These people will receive search information from both parties in need and be the person to connect the relationship, in addition, they will also “offer” to help shy babies post themselves on the group.

After the above messages were noticed by the online community, this intermediary immediately deleted the fanpage, the group administrator and the daddy-baby connection also disappeared from all these three groups of people.

A successful “connection” instance.

Immediately after the above messages were leaked out, these “adoption father” groups had more participants than before, the frequency of posting on the group increased significantly with increasingly specific negotiation information, audacity.

However, many new accounts were set up only a few hours ago, personal pages only posted a few photos that did not reveal the user’s face, suspected to be a virtual account.

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Many new virtual accounts join the group to post information about finding “adoptive fathers”.

Before the incident, the online community was extremely surprised with the lifestyle of a part of young people today. Many conflicting opinions and criticisms were made.

“This form has been around for a long time, but I didn’t expect to be so bold as to post it publicly like this. It’s just out of sight, but openly like this is beyond the norm!”

“The girls are only in their twenties, but they write down all of their body information, “sex” experiences, even taking pictures that deliberately show off their bodies and then post them as for sale. Just say daddy-baby doesn’t need sex, but what’s the point of posting that information?”

“Only people who are too lazy to invest in a real relationship look for relationships like this.”

Is the relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy considered prostitution

?This depends on the culture and laws of each country.

Thanks to the excuse of “sugar baby – sugar daddy” does not necessarily GENERATE a sexual relationship, but legal opinions in many places differ.

US, UK and some Western countries

According to the Wall Street Journal, in the US and UK, the story of a girl going public Accepting support, having an affair with a rich man is not illegal.

From the point of view of many Western countries, sex is not required between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy – so a relationship of this type is just akin to a mutually beneficial agreement.


In 2015, the dating platform “sugar daddy – sugar baby” SeekingArrangement (mentioned at the beginning of the article) became the most downloaded app in China after only 3 days of launch.

However, it was soon completely banned by the national authorities of billions of people.

ChinaDaily newspaper quoted Chinese lawyer Yi Shenghua as saying: Even if they are hiding in the shadow of a dating platform, similar apps are still listed as brokers or harboring prostitution – the website founders or operators will face with criminal charges, depending on the amount of the transaction and the number of participants.


In Vietnam, as long as you reach the prescribed age (over 18 years old), don’t commit adultery, etc., there are no legal problems in the relationship between a girl in her twenties and her uncle 20 years older than her. .

Besides, a man and a woman having sex while in love is not prostitution because this is a voluntary relationship between two people, there is no act of paying or other material benefits to have intercourse and the intercourse is not for the sake of receiving money or other material benefits.

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However, dating platforms and many modern dating styles, including “sugar baby – sugar daddy” are often disguised as prostitutes or brokers.