Hello! You want to become a seller? Then please refer to what a seller is, what is an associate and how to become a seller.

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What is the definition of a seller

?Seller literally means a seller, but rather, here Seller is a person who specializes in selling genuine products from brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans …. But here the seller is not the one who opens a store, authorized agent or franchisee and sells genuine products, but is the person who buys the best or cheap genuine products from abroad or from any user. and resell it at a higher price in order to make a profit. This can be called Resell. But if you want to order more, you must have a large source of goods, diverse designs and most importantly, you must get it at a cheaper price than the market.

By the way, I would like to introduce FootgearH as a place specializing in providing genuine goods for sellers and shoe shops large and small in Ho Chi Minh City.

Definition of Contributor

CTV here is the person who takes the shoes of a Seller or a certain store to sell and earn a commission. For example, if you go to Footgear H and ask to be a CTV, then take a photo of Footgear H’s products and put them up for sale on social networks, when someone wants to buy a product, you go to the Shop to get shoes to sell to that person and enjoy a commission.

How to become a seller

?The job is not too difficult, but you must have knowledge about shoes to avoid selling or buying fake products.

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Before you want to become a Seller, you should be a CTV first to learn more about shoes and you should find reputable sellers or stores to apply. When you ask to be a CTV, you will be shown how to sell goods, check if the goods are Fake or Real, where it is easy to sell and where there are customers. Just study hard and work hard, you can earn from 4 to 7 million a month.

Gradually you will learn the best way to sell, have a good reputation in this market and get a certain number of unique customers. From there you can go further into becoming a Seller. But not only that, when you want to become a Seller, you need to know where the goods come from? What’s the price? The quality of the source and the special thing is that you need capital to be able to store the amount of goods available. In addition, you can also take orders, but usually people still prefer ready-made goods.

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There are days of grinding iron, so just try step by step and you will be able to earn a lot of money thanks to this job. But you should remember that the job requires you to work hard to be able to apply.