Eggs can be considered the most popular dish in the culinary world. This is reflected in the fact that there are many delicious dishes that can be made from eggs.

So how will egg dishes in English be named?

Today, Elight will introduce you to vocabulary about egg dishes in English. In addition, through the words about egg dishes in English, maybe you will see your favorite familiar dish. Let’s “poison” our eyes together!

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Egg dishes in English mentioned in the article:

1. Deviled eggs: “evil” eggs 2. Omelette: omelette3. Hard-boiled eggs: hard-boiled eggs4. Soft-boiled eggs: soft-boiled eggs5. Scrambled eggs: scrambled eggs6. Sunny-side up fried eggs: one-sided omelet7. Fried eggs: omelet8. Poached eggs: poached eggs9. Egg salad: egg salad10. Oven-baked eggs: baked eggs

Enjoy 10 egg dishes in English!

Deviled eggs: “devil” eggs Deviled eggs: “evil” eggs Omelette: omelettes Omelette: omelettes Hard-boiled eggs: hard-boiled eggs boiled eggs: scrambled eggs Scrambled eggs: scrambled eggs Poached eggs: poached eggs Poached eggs: poached eggs Egg salad: egg salad Egg salad: egg salad Oven-baked eggs: baked eggs Oven-baked eggs: baked eggs

So in today’s lesson, Elight has reviewed with you a list of 10 egg dishes in English and this is the summary list, invite you to review these 10 egg dishes in English once to “pin” “These egg dishes in the beginning, long and long!

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