Shopping activities today have become extremely popular in many different forms. Thanks to that, the business sector is more developed and plays an extremely important role in the country’s economy. Accordingly, there are many more terms to be used in the exchange that each person needs to understand; Specifically, retail price, resell price. To help each person better understand what the retail price is and what the resell price is, let’s find out with through the article below.

What is retail price

?Retail is an English word, translated into Vietnamese means retail. Thus, the retail price is understood as the retail price. This price does not include taxes and other surcharges, recommended by the manufacturer, to retailers.

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What is the retail price?

This term often appears in the sale of sports shoes. Retail price shoes mean shoes with retail price, original price, price announced by shoe manufacturers of a sports shoe such as adidas, nike, converse,…. This price does not include taxes and related surcharges, and is sold at authorized retailers.

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The importance of retailers

Retailer is the official place to sell and distribute shoes with the specified retail price of the company, which is directly distributed by the genuine company and has the certificate of the genuine company. In other words, a retailer is part of a genuine company’s management system. Before products are selected by customers, Retailer is the last place in the supply chain.

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Example: Adidas at Bitexco building is one of the official Adidas retail stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Thus, retail was born with the purpose of helping manufacturers not to be distracted on how to bring products to customers, so they can focus on producing products. Buying goods for consumers becomes easy, convenient, and saves time thanks to retail stores. Because there are sales staff, there is a shopping website with extremely modern customer care services from images, product descriptions, etc. Thus, customers will be satisfied with their shopping needs with quality products at the right price at the right time.

What is the resell price

?What is the resell price?

Resell translated into Vietnamese means to resell, unlike retail, which means retail. This is a term used to refer to a product that is bought and resold at a higher price. The goods have “passed the hands” of the intermediary. This term is most common in sneaker circles. The shoes that are resold at a higher price are usually based on the quantity issued, collectible value, design, quality, hype, etc. People who buy shoes or streetwear and resell them to others at a resell price are called resellers.

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Initially, reselling appeared for the purpose of exchanging sneakers between shoe players, enthusiasts and pursuers. This is done with the purpose of giving opportunities to those who have not been able to buy their favorite shoes for some reason, and at the same time make a profit for themselves. These shoes are often very rare, difficult to buy, and the retail price is also very expensive. In particular, they are extremely fast out of stock at retail stores.

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Resell activity appears for the purpose of exchanging sneakers between shoe players, enthusiasts and pursuers

Later, a part of resellers noticed that the sneaker community was growing and many hot shoe models were increasingly sought after. At the same time, this trade brings a lot of profit. Therefore, they have found a way to buy a lot of shoes to resell, making a pretty big income. This reduces the chances of ownership for the majority. If you want to get the shoes you like, you have to spend a significantly higher amount of money.

Besides bringing benefits such as saving us time, not worrying about shipping problems or cumbersome transactions, complicated procedures, Resellers also have some negative effects such as making buyers shoes cost a lot of money, causing imbalance in sneakergame and scarcity of products in the market. But overall, they are the ones who keep the shoe market interesting and exciting.


What is the retail price? What is the resell price? Through this article, each person will have a better understanding of these two concepts. Thus, if you are a lover of sneaker-rich models, you must understand these concepts to make shopping easier.

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To be able to become a member of the dynamic, youthful sneaker community, one thing is for sure, you must have stable economic conditions, be willing to play and pay for the shoes you especially like.