Please ask for amniotic fluid test results: Suspected mutations in chromosome structure on the region DXY218… what does it mean? Ask your doctor to explain!

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Hello, your information is lacking a lot of data, the doctor needs to know the reason why you need amniocentesis, the abnormal signs on the accompanying ultrasound, the type of genetic test used to test Amniotic fluid sample test (MicroArray or Exom Sequencing..) The name of the test lab you do, the detailed results, not just the conclusion. The doctor recommends that you consult a geneticist directly to understand your medical condition, further testing, and pregnancy management as well as issues related to pregnancy prognosis and phenotype. with this mutation in the Vietnamese population and the phenotypic characteristics with this mutation

Specialist Doctor II Nguyen Thu Hoai – Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology – International General Hospital Times City.

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