I can assure you that you are already seeing a lot of marquettes every day. But you didn’t know it was a marquette. So what is Marquette? What is its application in billboard production? Let’s advertise TLP to find out!

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1. What is Marquette

?Marquette (English, French) is understood as the design, sample drawing, … So Marquette can simply understand that is the stage of creation and design of the copy. draw a sample or mock-up prior to the usual printing process.

Watching: What does Marquette mean?

Marquette is simply a drawing completed in the design and construction of ideas and models. It is a term that simulates the entire process of small modeling of a three-dimensional sculpture or architectural project. Maquette is synonymous with scale, design pattern.

2. To design a beautiful marquette needs creativity and experience

Marquette is one of the things that makes the difference because a beautiful marquette will help create attention and attract customers quickly.

Making a maket idea is not simple, you need to have creativity plus experience, you also need to calculate information about data and size to be able to produce a product that is balanced and right. .In addition, you also have to learn carefully about design trends so that you can keep up with developments and tastes to be able to compete well in the increasingly fierce market of the printing industry.

3. Advantages of marquette

Some advantages of marquette:

Maquette is a unique point that creates a different and diverse style for all brands. When you use a unique and beautiful Maquette template, it will surely attract a lot of customers to help identify the brand. good.

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4. Application of marquette in billboard making

In order to have a beautiful billboard, we must have beautiful marquette designs. So marquette design is indispensable in making billboards. Especially making outdoor billboards.

When designing an outdoor advertising maquette, businesses need to pay attention to the following characteristics to be able to convey content to viewers in the most complete way.

Important factors when designing outdoor advertising maquette”

Focus on the advertising content you want to be conveyed: Should focus on presenting the advertising content so that it is reasonable.

Use colorful colors to make billboards stand out more

Maquette is easy to read, without the use of small and troublesome fonts

The shorter and more concise the content of the maquette, the easier it is to read and remember

Choose the most suitable outdoor billboard location

Enterprises should give priority to choosing advertising positions at routes in the city center, at major roads, junction areas, intersections, commercial centers, schools, residential areas… with a large number of people. back and forth. It will be one of the important factors to ensure that the image of the business reaches a large number of viewers every day.

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In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cost factor in this stage because the more locations on prime roads, with many vehicles passing every day, the billboards installed here also have a high cost. Fees are higher than in other areas.

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