Pressure sensors and pressure gauges usually have pressure units of bar, Kg/cm2, psi, Kpa… All of these units can convert pressure units to the same equivalent. Each region uses a common unit such as the US usually uses Psi , Ksi , Europe uses Bar, mbar units, and Asia like Japan uses Kpa, Mpa, Pa .

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Why does each area use a different pressure unit? Why do I share how to convert pressure units?

Why does each area use a different pressure unit?

Each area uses a different pressure unit, mainly due to World War II & the rise of each industry. Developed countries have very high self-esteem, so they always consider their pressure units as the standard. Therefore, each area has a different pressure unit.

Three countries govern the international pressure units

1.America (USA)

The United States has always been at the forefront of industries, especially the measurement industry. They often use units of Psi, Ksi …

2.European Region

The European region with the leadership of England – Germany – France is the cradle of the mechanical industry as well as the metrology industry. Today, the UK – Germany – France still have a separate standard & higher than the countries in the European bloc. That’s why they also use the standard pressure unit according to them, which is bar , mbar …

3.Asia region

In Asia, only Japan is ranked in the G7 countries with outstanding standards comparable to those of the US and Germany. Therefore, Japan is the pride of Asia, so they also have their own pressure units such as: Pa, Mpa, Kpa…

Psi Unit

Psi – Kps units are most used on American manufactured products

Surely many of you will be confused by questions like: – What is psi unit – What is psi pressure unit – Or psi pressure unit – psi pressure unit – Psi measurement unit– Psi is the unit of measurement for which country…. many questions

Answer: psi is a unit of pressure measurement used by the United States exclusively for equipment manufactured in the United States. Bar psi units exist and are used in parallel. Therefore, there will be a change in bar and psi units.

It is the same as the US inch system and the European metric system – now widely used around the world. Frequently asked questions about psi units :– psi unit = how many kg– Convert psi to bar, psi = bar– How to convert psi to Kg cm2– Convert Psi to Mpa

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Bar Unit

European countries use the unit Bar – Kg/cm2

I will answer for you questions such as: – What is the unit of bar – Convert bar – Unit of bar and kg/cm2 – Unit of pressure bar – Bar what unit of pressure measurement… many questions Another question regarding the bar pressure unit.

Bar unit is widely used – the most common in the world next to psi, Mpa, kg/cm2. Although the standard pressure of 760mmHg and the atmospheric pressure (atm) are used as a reference relative to sea level. But the bar pressure unit is the most used in industrial measuring devices.

The origin of the Bar pressure unit from Europe, besides the unit Kg/cm2. The units of bar and kg/cm2 are two roughly equal units, but we don’t need to convert the bar to kg/cm2 if we don’t need too much precision. Because 1 bar = 1.02Kg/cm2

Because Bar is a unit of pressure measurement, it can be converted to other units such as: – Convert bar to Pa, Kpa, Mpa – Convert bar to mmHg – Or change Bar to kg – Convert unit bar to at / atm / atmosphere– Convert bar to psi

Mpa Unit

Japan – the origin of the unit of measurement Mpa – Kpa – Pa

Many of you have asked me: – What is the unit of Mpa- How to convert the unit of Mpa- Convert the unit mpa to Kg/cm2- How to convert the unit of force to mpa- Convert the unit mpa to kn- Unit Mpa and kg What is the relationship between /cm2 – Convert units from mpa to n/mm2…. More questions

One of the most commonly encountered units in pressure gauges from Japanese or Chinese factories is the Mpa unit. Value 1Mpa ~ 10 bar. Because the resolution is 10 times higher than the Bar unit, the Japanese unit system also has an additional Kpa.100Kpa ~ 1bar. In which :1 Kpa = 0.125 psi1 Kpa = 10 mbar1 Kpa = 0.01 bar1 Kpa = 0.00987 atm1 Kpa = 1000 Pa1 Kpa = 0.001 Mpa1 Kpa = 102.07 mmH201 Kpa = 4.019 inH201 Kpa = 7.5 mmHg1 Kpa = 0.0102 kg/cm2

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Each major economy has its own pride, which is why different units of pressure arise. Japan is the only country in Asia that is in the G7 and has always had its own standards that are different from the US and Europe. This affirms the position and confidence in the goods produced by that country.Note: you should note that the Pascal unit (Pa) is named after the French physicist Blaise Pascal, not the French physicist. of Japan. They only use Pa – Kpa – Mpa units for the equipment they manufacture.

Standard pressure unit conversion calculation

We can convert the standard pressure unit according to the following calculation as standard for all standard international pressure units.

Calculated in “metric system” converted in units of pressure measurement standard 1 bar capacity

1 bar = 0.1 Mpa ( megapascal )

1 bar = 1.02 kgf/cm2

1 bar = 100 kPa ( kilopascals )

1 bar = 1000 hPa ( hetopascal )

1 bar = 1000 mbar ( millibar )

1 bar = 10197.16 kgf/m2

1 bar = 100000 Pa ( pascals )

Calculated in “pressure” converted to standard 1 bar pressure unit

1 bar = 0.99 atm ( physical atmosphere )

1 bar = 1.02 technical atmosphere

Calculated according to the “measurement system” converted to standard 1 bar pressure unit

1 bar = 0.0145 Ksi ( kilopoud force per square inch )

1 bar = 14.5 Psi (pound force per square inch)

1 bar = 2088.5 ( pounds per square foot )

Calculated in “head of water” converted to standard pressure unit 1 bar

1 bar = 10.19 meters of water ( mH2O )

1 bar = 401.5 inches of water ( inH2O )

1 bar = 1019.7 cm of water ( cmH2O )

Calculated in “mercury” converted to standard pressure unit 1 bar

1 bar = 29.5 inHg (inches of mercury )

1 bar = 75 cmHg ( centimeters of mercury )

1 bar = 750 mmHg ( millimeters of mercury )

1 bar = 750 Torr

How to convert international standard pressure units

Based on the above calculation we can only know 1 bar converted to other equivalent units, but we want to convert back pressure units such as psi Kpa Mpa atm cmHg mmH20 to BAR or other units. otherwise very difficult.

That’s why I created a standard pressure unit conversion table that converts any pressure unit to another.

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International standard pressure unit conversion table

How to use the standard pressure unit conversion table

To answer questions like:

1 bar equals how many mbar

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1 Kpa equals how many mmH20

1 mH2O equals how many bar

1 MPa equals how many kg/cm2


We look at the pressure unit conversion spreadsheet above with two columns: vertical ( From ) and Horizontal ( To ) . The vertical column is the unit we need to convert and the horizontal column is the conversion unit.

For example, if I choose the vertical column as MPa, it corresponds to

1Mpa = 145.04 psi

1MPa = 10000 mbar

1Mpa = 10 bar

1Mpa = 9.87 atm

1Mpa = 1000000 Pa

1Mpa = 1000Kpa

1Mpa = 101971.6 mmH20

1Mpa = 4014.6 in.H20

1Mpa = 7500.6 mmHg

1Mpa = 295.3 in.Hg

1Mpa = 10.2 kg/cm2

Changing pressure units is something we often have to use every day because we use pressure measuring devices from countries around the world such as the US – Germany – Japan. The fact that each country often uses a different standard makes it difficult for us to use it every day. Therefore, the pressure unit conversion table will help people freely change the pressure as they like.

Why do I share how to convert pressure units?

I always spend my free time to share the knowledge I have gained with everyone with the desire to help someone like me more than 10 years ago.

10 years ago I was a graduate student with basic knowledge of the school, when I went to work, I almost had to learn from scratch without anyone’s guidance and very few documents – especially the internet was not popular. as of now . Today, with the help of the internet, I hope that I will transmit all the knowledge I have in real life and learn.

With my knowledge, I hope to help everyone about converting pressure units accurately and quickly in my research work. Using pressure sensors and pressure gauges we often have to convert between pressure units, this article will help everyone do that.

If the article was useful, please comment below to let me know that this article is useful to everyone. If you find it interesting, please Share & Like for others to read and learn.

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If there are mistakes, I hope to receive everyone’s sincere comments. It is the interaction of people that is a great motivation for me to improve myself and share my knowledge with everyone.