If you suddenly have an itchy ear but it’s not due to an insect bite, nothing has fallen into your ear… then it is definitely an omen that will happen to you. So what is the omen of itchy left ear? Join UNICA to find out the omen of itchy left ear in the article below.

Watching: What does itchiness in the left ear mean?

What does itchiness in the left ear mean?

Just like eye twitching, nose itching, tinnitus… depending on the time frame, the phenomenon of itching in the left ear will bring different omens, specifically:

Itchy left ear at 11pm – 1am: Someone is remembering and mentioning you, so you have that left ear itching phenomenon.

Itchy left ear at 1am – 3am: If you have an itchy ear at this time frame, maybe a few days later you will have to explain and argue about a certain issue.

Itchy left ear at 3am – 5am: It is forecasted that you will lose money in the near future, be very careful not to meet the situation of “losing money”.

Itchy left ear at 5am – 7am: You will have a very unexpected appointment with someone who would not expect to have itchy left ear at this time.

When the left ear itch, it brings omens that may happen in the future

Itchy left ear at 7am – 9am: You may have to go on a long business trip or travel in the near future. Be well prepared for the trip!

Itchy left ear at 9am – 11am: It is forecast that around this time, if you have an itchy ear, there may be some bad luck that will strike you.

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Itchy left ear at 11am – 1pm: You will have unexpected joy, be prepared to receive it.

Itchy left ear at 13:00 – 15:00: At this time, if you have itchy left ear, congratulations, you will have good luck, you will have that kind of support.

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Itchy left ear at 3pm – 5pm: Don’t miss the opportunity to travel for free in the near future.

Itchy left ear at 5pm – 7pm: You may lose money or valuables, always be wary of people around.

Itchy left ear at 19:00 – 21:00: Someone will invite you to eat and drink, don’t miss it because this is also an opportunity for you to have a good relationship.

Itchy left ear at 9pm – 11pm: Be prepared to receive unexpected good news!

What is the cause of the earache? How to get rid of itchy ears

In addition to bringing certain omens, itchy ears are also one of the signs that you are suffering from ear diseases such as itching of the outer ear canal, itching of the ear canal… There are many causes of itchy ears such as:

– When bathing, water or soap is dropped on the ear.

Not cleaning the ears cleanly also leads to itchy ears.

Itchy ears can also happen because you have ear diseases such as otitis externa, mucocutaneous dermatitis, psoriasis …

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What is the cause of the earache? How to get rid of itchy ears

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When you have an itchy ear, you need to pay attention not to let water or soap get into the ear, if so, you must use a soft cotton swab to wipe it clean to avoid causing an itchy ear. In addition, the ears should be cleaned regularly. If the itchy ear condition persists, the patient needs to go to medical facilities for examination and treatment, avoiding self-medication.

Hopefully, with the useful information provided by UNICA above, readers can find the answer to the question of what does itchiness in the left ear mean? Causes and effective treatment of itchy ears. Readers should also pay attention, the above omens may or may not come, so the above information is for reference only!