The Internet data center (IDC) industry has attracted more and more attention, especially since the recent wave of cyber attacks (DDoS) on major Korean websites. On Monday (July 20), industry experts said that after the July 7 cyber attack, public information security has become a prominent issue. Since then, the number of IDC service subscribers has increased rapidly, and IDC service providers are expected to continue to improve their own security features. IDC

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IDC stands for Inte data center, and this center is where the enterprise’s computer systems are managed. IDC has its own management staff, security equipment and is paid a monthly fee for managing the enterprise’s server. Using IDC service allows subscribers to save money on purchasing and managing independent servers. IDC helps companies use high-performance servers at a lower cost, as well as providing customers with regular management and solid security. IDC usually provides 2 main services – server colocation service, that is, providing a space to operate/operate a server in the most favorable environment and services for businesses and organizations. Organizations and individuals rent servers and other facilities. Recently, IDCs also provide additional services such as outsourced IT services, construction and management of IT networks, and repair services for networks and facilities damaged by earthquakes and floods. and other natural disasters. This year, the Korean IDC industry marks its 10th anniversary. In 1999, the Korean IDC industry started with LG D and KT building their own IDC system. Currently, the server rental service of these two companies accounts for 60% of the service usage and the server rental service accounts for 30%. The development of the IDC industry Since its inception in 1999, the IDC industry has witnessed an outstanding growth rate of more than 20% per year.

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Companies and organizations can save money and manpower by operating IT equipment in the best environment without having to build a separate computer room. The current IDC market is estimated at around $407 million. The two pioneers KT and LG D account for more than 70% of the market, and the remaining 30% is divided equally among the later developers such as SK Broadband, Hostway and Onse Telecom. DDoS and New Opportunities The recent global recession also affected the IDC industry and slowed its growth. However, recent DDoS attacks have brought new opportunities for the IDC industry. DDoS attacks, hacks, information leaks and other security threats have forced public agencies, financial institutions and online businesses to “return” investment in IDC. Even corporations, large government agencies, financial institutions and online traders are lining up to consult IDC service providers. This proves that they understand that it is more cost and security benefit to rely on IDC service providers than to strengthen their own information security system. The cyber crisis on 7/7 ended but at the same time opened up new opportunities for the IDC industry. Seize New Opportunities The IDC Industry clearly won’t let these golden opportunities pass. IDC service providers are busy launching new security services, addressing overloads and other security issues, and upgrading existing security solutions. New IDCs are also “budgeting” with the enhancement of IT equipment and the increase of digital content. Currently, “Green IDC” towards saving energy, protecting the environment and enhancing internet security is also starting to attract people’s attention.

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