What is Hong Phat’s opening – Opening is an important day for businesses, shops, etc., because grandparents often have the concept of “first and foremost”. So the opening date – the opening date is extremely important; affect future business. That’s why when invited to attend the opening ceremony next to a meaningful gift; then the unique opening wishes of Hong Phat; Luck in business is indispensable.

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What is Hong Phat opening?

In the Sino-Vietnamese sense, Opening is the beginning of a business, selling or selling of shops or businesses. Hong Phat means that the business is more and more convenient, prosperous, the money is full of money, the business is profitable; whatever you do, be successful, quickly get rich, rich. This greeting originates from China, correctly understood, Hong means Hong Bao (ancient money wallet). So when wishing Hong Phat, it is to want the owner to have a thicker and heavier wallet; The more the business flourishes, the happier everything is.

Therefore, Hong Phat Grand Opening wishes are used by everyone in the opening and inauguration ceremonies. With wishes for a prosperous business, bring fortune in business and trade.

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Meaningful opening wishes of Hong Phat

Phuc Tuong golden gifts will suggest good opening greetings; and the meaning of bringing luck and success to the owner.

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Wish your company more and more profitable business, as fast as a kite meets the wind; like a tree sprouting, like a root deep in the ground. Wish the store/company always have a lot of luck and develop continuously. Wish the shop/company succeed and prosper! Always leading in the TOP of the companies with the highest revenue. A trust of thousands of words, wish the store always have a lot of trust from customers, trade, and sell expensive. Wish the store / company will develop quickly. , breakthrough success and bring great revenue . The company will develop more and more prosperously , continue the steady steps in the way ahead ; and confidently assert its prestige and quality brand in the domestic as well as international markets. Welcoming you, your business will have many advantages and smoothness, customers will come to nuoc nuoc; money rushing in! Congratulations, congratulations! May the shop’s sales always be expensive, reap bountiful harvests. Wish the shop a “Pass” that surpasses all rules, overcomes all successes, overcomes all difficulties. towel.Be like a sturdy ship, with a good captain, dedicated crew; and a firm sail to overcome all storms and big winds in the market, achieving resounding success. May your company always be a mighty, majestic and sharp lion in the market with many pitfalls and risks. The beginning is difficult, wish your company to overcome the initial difficulties easily; and reach for success. Wish your company more and more prosperous development, continue to take firm steps in the way ahead; and confidently assert prestige, brand, and quality in the market in the future. country and reach out further in the international market. Wish the store’s business always sell expensive clothes, reap bountiful harvests. The business and trade are more and more successful, tons of fortune, tons of peace.Congratulations on your success, wish you will achieve the next success; Wish the goods sold expensive, customers come and go, money in like water. Career is becoming more and more successful as desired

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Meaning of Hong Phat Opening – Gifts of fortune

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