In daily communication, interacting on social networks, listening to music online… surely you have at least once seen the word FT. However, not everyone knows what FT is, especially in different cases, the meaning of the word FT is understood in different ways. And in order for people to understand the meaning of the word FT in many different fields, would like to share with you the meanings of FT in some common fields.

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FT has many different meanings, in music, news, science, currency and even on Facebook… In each field FT has a completely different meaning. Now let’s find out to be able to understand exactly what FT is in each separate field.

What is FT? Meaning of the word FT in many fields

What is the meaning of the word FT

?FT in English stands for many words or phrases with many different meanings. You can mention such as Foot (unit of length), forint (Hungarian currency unit), feature (a combination of music), financial times (financial newspaper), fast track (fast track), Facetime (Call video calls from Apple devices)…

Each case of FT has its own meaning, so it is necessary to determine which situation the FT is in before you can understand the meaning of that phrase.

What is

FT in Facebook

?In Facebook, FT often refers to Facetime. Facetime is a free videocall or regular phone call application between Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac… via WiFi or 3G connection.

What is the

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FT in music

?The FT in music stands for the word feature which is participation, a combination performed with someone. However, Ft will be different from singing a duet, as ft will mean that each person sings a different piece of music and completes the chorus.

For example, the song “Can’t be together for a lifetime” – Hoa Minzy ft. Mr. Syrup. In this song, the main vocalists are Hoa Minzy and Mr. Siro is a vocal partner in some segments.

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Meaning of the word ft in other fields

– In the news: Ft stands for Financial Times which means financial news.

– In beat: Ft stands for the word Fast Track which means fast track.

– In measurement: FT stands for the word Foot which translates to “set” is a unit of length measurement. The described foot length may vary from system to system, but is generally between one-quarter and one-third of a meter. Today, the foot unit has become a very common and internationally recognized unit of measurement.

– In currency: Ft stands for forint, understood as the currency unit of Hungary. 1 FT ( forint ) = 85.17 Vietnam Dong.

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Hopefully, the information about what FT is provided by will help users understand the meaning of FT in each case. Do not forget to visit regularly to update yourself with a lot of useful information.