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Instead, instead, represent for Hanoi to stand for a noun (linguistics) instead of a noun (pronoun)he signed it for meanh ta sign that for me Support, side, side to be for peace support peacehurrah for Vietnam hail Vietnam, support Vietnam For, to, for the purpose of salefor salefor example; for instance, for example these are documents for high-ranking officials this is a document for high-ranking officials fighter to fight for independence to hunger for knowledge to exchange an old car for a new one to exchange an old car for a new one clock It’s almost two o’clock Choto buy something for somebody to buy something for myself avoid something for fear of accidents despite having advanced weapons, b the empire will still be defeated. respect for one’s teachers respect for the teachers it’s too easy for him the machine is too heavy for me to lift the heavy machine too I can’t lift for my part; as for me about me Compared, for, proportionally very tall for one”s age is very high compared to age In (time), is (level is…) to last for an hour lasts for an hourto walk for three kilometers walk three kilometerswe have worked here for six monthswe have been working here for six monthsalas for him!love it!to be for it(slang) must be punishedto be not long for this world for shame! what a shame! humiliation!for all I know as far as I knowfor all the worldjust like

See certain

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for the life of one

Watch life

not for the world!no way! never!once for all

See once

there is nothing for it but

Watch nothing

too beautiful for words beautiful indescribablewere it not (but, except) for your help, I could not finish it without your help I could not have done itwhat… for?for what?what do you want it for? what do you need that for?

Conjunctions (not at the beginning of a sentence)

because, because, because they don’t go to the movies, for it rains cats and dogs they don’t go to the movies, because it rains loaded onto the train

Related words


conjunctionas , as long as , because , being , consider , inasmuch as , now , since , whereas prepositionafter , as , beneficial to , concerning , favorable to , during , for the sake of , in contemplation of , in exchange for , in favor of , in furtherance of , in order to , in order to get , in place of , in pursuance of , in spite of , in the direction of , in the interest of , in the name of , notwithstanding , on the part of , on the side of , pro , supposing , to , to counterbalance , to go to , to the amount of , to the extent of , towards , under the authority of , with a view to , with regard to , with respect