What is Crush? The meaning of the word “crush” that young people are interested in. Here are the shares that WBThang will tell you more about the word Crush.

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Crush is a word with many definitions. Maybe you will feel confused when your friends mention this word a lot on facebook, or in conversations… but they are too lazy to explain to you what a crush is, right?

What does crush mean in English?

Noun: Pressing, squeezing, crushing, crowding in general…. Verb: Indicates the act of crushing, cramming, crushing….…

Crush has many other meanings too, used in different contexts, used in conversations.

Although there are many similar meanings, the only meaning and context used by young people and turning it into a trend is the phrase: have a crush on somebody/ someone.

What is Crush here? The concept that young people are interested in is: Like someone or have a crush on someone.

Surely someone has Crushed someone. And I don’t know if my crush likes it back. Many of you think that crush means “one-sided love”, “secret love”, but it’s not. The meaning is not really like that, it’s just your interpretation. As long as you are in love with someone, it means you have a crush without knowing whether the other person will reciprocate your feelings or not.

What are the emotional expressions of a crush

?1.Crush is close to someone.

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That’s the person you see all the time. Appears with a high frequency, making it impossible for you not to notice. See you in the morning, meet again in the evening. And a day without meeting will feel empty inside. You miss them, like them, even though you didn’t have any feelings or emotions for them before. It shares this crush due to circumstances that make you develop feelings.

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Crush Best Friend.

This is the most diverse crush. As close friends, you know everything about it. What does it like to eat, what to drink, what movies does it like to watch, which singers it likes, or what its personality is like. Even knowing the size of the pants, or its dressing personality.

Knowing too much about the two sides, creating a caring mentality and during that time you liked them all the time. And it’s not just being close friends that gives birth to a crush.

Idol Crush

The idol here is not a singer or actor that you admire, but a person you consider as an idol. Maybe she’s pretty, has years of experience, or he’s just as handsome as a Korean guy who dances well… the right type of person in your dreams. This crush is governed by the appearance of what the subject shows on the outside. so you are only captivated by their appearance. You have never been in contact or did not have the opportunity to find out the secret and real life of that person. So it’s quite difficult to flirt with this crush :)))

What’s the difference between Crush – love, like?

Crush is used to emphasize how active love is on your part, and that person has a great influence on your life.

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Love can be reciprocated or not. And crushes often don’t reciprocate with more diverse feelings, but on the other hand, crush also means: bruised, broken, crushed… So more widely people label the word crush as “unrequited love” as position :))

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No matter if it’s a Crush, our common feelings when facing a crush are all confused and embarrassed, sometimes we can’t even say a word ^^. That feeling is less or more common due to self-repression and shielding. And you always want to look great in front of your crush, don’t you ^^.

How about you? Are you having a crush on someone in some way? And understand from: “What is Crush?” not yet? :)))))))))))