In love is an emotion that is easy to meet in life but sometimes it is quite luxurious for many people. They often do not believe in a love that can make them happy for a lifetime. That’s because they can cure the true love of their lives. There are many different concepts to define love, love is one of the five subcategories in the world of love. So what is love? How to know true love or not?

What is true love

?Love always exists in many opposing states, including not only happiness but also suffering. In a romantic relationship between a man and a woman, if you find someone who gives you the most sincere and happiest feelings, that’s called true love.

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According to the Japanese dictionary, affection is the true love that one person has for another. True love is also considered a person destined for your life, born for you, giving you wonderful emotions to help you fully enjoy the sweetness of love.

How to know true love or not?

Love often gives you many illusions, making it easy to confuse true love with falsehood. Because when you love each other and give each other a lot of love, then you unintentionally don’t notice each other’s bad points.

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Until it broke, it hurt again. So if you want to know if the other person is the true love of your life, pay attention to the following signs:

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Holding hands: Men who are always confident in their relationship will not be afraid to show everyone around them about their girl.

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Talk less do more: When love comes from a sincere heart, all words become cliché, they just need to act to show how he’s racing for you. Always make time for him. No matter how busy you are: This shows that you are really important to them. Respect each other’s private time: The most important thing in love is trust, giving each other space is a way. that he/she is respecting youWant to get married with you: Family, marriage is the ultimate goal of love, so wanting to get married with you is how they want to stick with you for a long time. care about your family and relationships around youAlways listen to you: listening to others is a good virtue, the fact that they listen to you is that they respect you and want to understand you. That is life’s moment, the moment when you two understand each other. Always by your side to help and make you laugh: It’s proof that they want you to be happy They are always proud of you Love your natural beauty, your way of life , that’s the true and core emotion of any relationshipAlways answer the phone and send you textsReady to cry in front of you. This proves that you are the most important person to them, the most reliable person to them. Not always pampering you, sometimes frankly giving advice to make you more mature. Not bragging, and always quiet to help solve the problem. solve all your problems.

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