In conversational English, you will often encounter phrases such as: As far as, as soon as… So what are phrases like as far as and how are they used?

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What is As far as

?As far as means as far as, this is a very common phrase in conversational English and the TOEIC test.Example: As far as I know… (As far as I know…)

What is As well as

?In addition to the phrase “as far as”, we also have a number of other phrases containing “As…as”.As well as means as well and it is equivalent to the structural phrase “Not only… but also”. Example: He is clever as well as handsome = He is not only clever but also handsome (He is not only smart but also handsome).

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What is As long as

?As long as means as long as. Example: You may have dessert as long as you eat all vegetables vegetables as well).

What is As early as

?As early as means from. Example: As early as the 20th century.

What is As good as

?As good as means almost. Example: The decoration is as good as finished.

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What is As much as

?As much as means almost as much as. Example: He as much as admitted that it was his fault his fault).

What is As many as

?As many as means to have come (expressing surprise at a large number). Example: There were as many as 300 at the lecture.

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What is As soon as possible

?As soon as possible means as soon as possible. Example: Please give me that plan as soon as possible.

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