Account Manager is a position many marketers aspire to. So what is Account Manager? What is the job, duties of an Account Manager and the secret to success in this position. Let’s learn a lot of useful information with on this topic!

I. What is Account Manager

?Account Manager? For those in the Marketing profession, the Account Manager position has become a familiar job and attracts the attention of many candidates. In a company that provides creative ideas and marketing solutions for brands, also known as Agency, the Account Manager is the position that performs the task of managing the Account department. For specific details, please find out with in this section.

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1. What is the concept of Account manager

?Account Manager?According to the usual English-Vietnamese translation, you can understand this as an account manager (Account: account, Manager: manager). To fully and accurately understand, the Account Manager is the person responsible for managing and monitoring the Account department in the company. And this is the department that performs operations and maintains customer acquisition, thereby bringing orders to creative service companies.

Thus, the job of an Account Manager requires a high ability to maintain relationships with customers and the ability to expand the relationship network to be able to bring many orders to the whole Agency. Therefore, to become a professional account manager, you need to have a lot of experience and possess many different soft skills from sales skills, customer psychology skills to customer care ability. All these factors create a good network and bring customer satisfaction to the service provided by your company.

What is account manager?

2. What are the duties of the Account Manager

?What are the duties of the Account Manager? First, in order to better understand the role of Account Manager in an agency, you need to understand some concepts related to this industry. There is a big difference between Agency and Client. If the Agency is a company or business that specializes in providing creative service solutions for brands and brands, then the Client is their customer. Client is understood as companies, brands and businesses wishing to carry out Marketing campaigns for many different purposes such as: increasing brand recognition, building brand identity for a brand line new or even increase the number of products sold… And the agency is the unit that helps them do this.

For example, Coca-Cola (Client) wishes to carry out a marketing campaign during the Lunar New Year 2020 to increase customers’ love for the brand. Therefore, they used the services of Agency MediaZ with the desire to provide consulting and advertising services in line with Cocacola’s goals.

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2.1 Increase revenue for Agency

The Account department is the department that directly works with customers, so it is the department that directly brings orders to the business, thereby bringing in revenue and profit. When the Account Manager becomes more professional and demonstrates his ability to manage and supervise the entire Account team, the probability that the order will increase, this increases the revenue for the entire Agency.

In addition, the account manager’s skills are also proficient in the ability to analyze the current situation of the Agency, research customers, research the market to find out the trends of the market to come up with appropriate strategies. for the whole business.

2.2. Cooperate with other departments to implement the project

What is the job of an account manager? Are they creatives? The answer is NO. Account manager is responsible for receiving Client orders and then communicating them to other departments in the Agency, including: Creative (team of creativity, ideas and scripts to solve the desired problems of the client). Client); Design (design department)… Therefore, good communication skills and ideas are a decisive factor for an Account manager. As a result, the ability to coordinate and cooperate with other departments becomes more effective.

What are the duties of the Account Manager?

2.3. Control the generation of expenses

What is Account Manager’s cost control? That is, implementing a Marketing project is not a simple thing, it requires a lot of Account Manager skills. Especially the allocation of budget for activities and departments throughout the Agency. Their client is the Client who always wants to optimize costs, but the Account manager needs to consider a lot when signing a contract for a project. And that project must be profitable for the Agency to proceed. This requires the Account Manager’s ability to control the cost of the job.

2.4. Please client

You’ve heard the saying: “Please come, please go” or “Customer is king”, this means that you need to satisfy customers, a They are the ones who pay for your services. In addition, satisfying customers is a way for you to increase your reputation and increase the possibility of getting further orders. The Agency’s client is the Client, so customer satisfaction is an important factor in the Account Manager’s job.

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What is the job of an account manager?

II. What is your experience as an Account Manager

?Reading this section, you already understand what is Account manager? What is the job of an account manager as well as an overview of the agency’s departments. So how to become a professional account manager or what is the job experience of the account manager profession. This section will provide experience in this profession.

What is the experience required for an account manager?

1. Know all your “interests”

There are two main concerns that account managers need to keep in mind: about the client and about the agency. For his clients, the Account manager needs to grasp the psychology of the customer (client), their needs, desires and especially the ability to pay for the project. For Agency, they need to pay attention to departments from Planner, creative, produce to design to understand their desires, capabilities and working process. They are all “interests” in the account manager’s job so that he can create projects that both satisfy the client and bring great profits for the agency.

2. What is an effective account manager’s way of communicating

?Communication is the key to making communication easier. With a job that requires high contact with people like account manager, this needs even more attention. To become a “Master of Communication”, you can start by reading books related to this topic, or take courses in communication, presentation and persuasion. These are all good keys to improving account manager skills.

3. Both comprehensive and detailed

What is the job of an account manager? This is a job that requires convergence of many factors and the work is always connected with different departments in the agency. Therefore, you require an overview of the entire project from goals, strategic plans to the client’s ability to pay. Besides, monitoring the work progress of other departments makes them very detailed. This ensures the work progress and credibility of the agency with the client.

4. Avoid the familiar approach

What is the Account Manager’s approach to work? An account manager is a person who works for an agency where agencies are companies, businesses that provide creative solutions for brands, or in short, agencies are creative businesses. So, the too familiar approach to work will become the weak point of an account manager. Besides, when an account manager shows creativity and sometimes approaches the client in a new way, it will help the “orders” come more conveniently.

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5. Earn respect

What is respect for the account manager? That is why they are always respected and respected in relationships. Respect means trust and creates great influence and is an important factor in expanding the network of relationships. Therefore, account managers need to pay attention to this.

III. Distinguish Account Manager and Sales

Do you understand what Account Manager is? So what is Sales? What is the difference between these two jobs? Sale is an extremely popular job today and especially for a good salesperson, the salary is extremely ideal. Sales department is the sales department of the company, thereby increasing sales and bringing more profits to the company and business. Therefore, people sometimes equate sales and account manager as one. So in fact, is the job of an account manager any different from a salesperson, let’s find out.

1. Before and after selling products

As mentioned in the previous section, account managers need a lot of time to focus on building relationships with customers and they focus on implementing customer relationships such as customer satisfaction, maintenance. relationships, understanding customers’ wishes… Meanwhile, a Sales person’s job focuses on generating sales through “closing” orders. These orders are usually based on existing customer lists brought in by the marketing department.

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2. Hunting and plowing

A sales person will have a high salary or earn a lot of money directly through the number of orders that they close, in other words, every order they have, they have money. Meanwhile, the account manager is not like that. Usually, a project (1 order) with a client will take place for months or even longer, so the job of an account manager always requires the ability to grasp the work. work, continuously satisfy customers and maintain that relationship to be able to generate more orders and have many new relationships.

IV. Conclusion

So here you have more useful information to answer the question of what is an account manager or what is the job of an account manager. You have realized the importance of training job skills in this profession, so let’s start from training your soft skills and some abilities such as the ability to grasp customer psychology to good. customer care. Wish you soon become a seasoned account manager.