When the market enters the digital age, there are many ways to make money, today’s money flows on each high-speed Internet transmission. Large e-commerce websites are born as a new land that needs human hands to explore. In this article, riclix.com will present what is Merch amazon? Let’s find out details with riclix.com. Maybe now many people see that there are a lot of friends making money with Merch, the sale of Merch accounts can be valued at tens of millions of dong (vnd) – this is still attracting a lot of buyers and sellers. What good does that mean and what does it mean? Let’s find out with riclix.com.

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Merch Amazon Basics

Basic information about Merch Amazon

Merch by Amazon, also known as Merch, this is a service created by Amazon thanks to a collaboration with a T-shirt manufacturer. This service will be able to help you:

Merch Amazon – chosen by many people for business

+First: Simplify the process of selling T-shirts (You only design and then upload to Merch to sell)

+ Second: Help increase sales with your product (because you already have a super large source of traffic at Amazon every day will have an endless source of customers)

If a customer buys your shirt, Merch will manufacture & ship it to the customer and then pay you the profit. Your profit will be calculated after subtracting the shirt manufacturer price and the price on amazon.

This is an attractive service because:

Search for products on riclix.com

+ High Organic Traffic: Amazon has nearly 250 million members and has countless super natural hits, ranked in the top 5 of the most visited websites in the United States, if your shirt is on Amazon , it has a chance to be bought by a lot of people without you having to run ads

+ Capital does not need to be high: You can just rely on Amazon’s natural traffic to make profits quickly, without having to spend capital to run ads.

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+ Amazon’s reputation is very high and positively affects the conversion rate.

Merch Amazon is a profitable business model

However, this also leads to very high competition, easy to steal ideas, devalue products…

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Sign up for a Merch account on Amazon

To register, usually after 2-3 months Merch will approve it for you, but this time is quite long, many people still choose to buy the account of some Sellers.

To self-register users, go to “merch.amazon.com” then select Request Invitation, enter your email address, select “I am a new customer” and click “Sign in”.

Next, enter your name, email and password then click “Create account”. Then a term appears, then select Agree. The next step the user needs to provide some information such as:

“’Organization Name”, “Industry Type” choose Small Business or Novelty T-shirt Business, “Additional Information”- you can create a piece of information that shows you are an experienced person. Once completed, click Send request.

Problem Buying Merch account and exchanging information

The fastest choice if you want to do Merch without having an account, is to buy a “white Merch” account, this means you will buy back 100% new Merch by Amazon accounts, no products yet. Upload products or sales history.

The best thing is that you should trade directly, and check the seller’s Merch account is 100% empty or not by going to “Manage” Select “All status” and you should see a 0 in the line “You currently have 0 products….

Merch Amazon is profitable or not depends on the Promotion campaign

Once you have an account, the next step is to change your own Merch name, Email and Password. You are still logged in to Account Merch – the account you just bought, then go to Amazon.com, select “Account & List”, select “our Account”, select “Login & Security Listing”, at this step you will edit Turn all of the seller’s information into yours. Once done, you already have a Merch account of yourself.

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Problem registering to receive payment

Like Amazon Associates, Merch also pays via Payoneer, with Payoneer you can:

Transfer money to your Vietnam account and take your card to an ATM to withdraw money

As for how to get Payoneer account information, Add Payoneer account to Merch to receive payments, Add Vietnam bank to Payoneer to withdraw money, you can find more documents on Google to study carefully.

Terminology problems with Merch

To prepare for a journey with Merch Amazon, users will need to understand some of the terms below so that when reading or encountering any document, they can better understand.

Design: Is your design uploaded to Merch, the image will show on your shirt. To get the design, you will design it yourself or hire it (Like I rent 100%)

Keyword: Is the keyword. This is a no-brainer problem It is important that you optimize the title and use the description of the shirt so that it matches the keywords that people find on the search bar on Amazon because the number of searches on Amazon every day is very large.

Trademark: Brand name. Amazon is very interested in the issue of brand respect in business. So if your shirt has a tiny bit of other brands or famous people’s names on it, your Merch account will be deleted.

Idea Research: Researching ideas for selling t-shirts

Niche: Niche market – here is the market for selling shirts.

Idea Spy: Ideas from other sellers that I follow to copy

Selling Rank: Rank for short is a parameter that helps you know how the shirt sells, the lower the rank indicates that the product is selling well. Check Rank with Amazon Quick View DS Extension.

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Scale: Scale width

And a very important thing is that the process of selling shirts on Merch will normally be carried out according to the following steps: Idea generation => Design => Putting shirt on Merch => Marketing (if there is a method) => Scaling – Scale.

On Amazon you can take the first steps to get yourself a Merch account.

Visit riclix.com for more information on other reviews. Or you can find your own unique Merch t-shirts.

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riclix.com with Ideas for Merch T-Shirts

So with Merch theme what is amazon? riclix.com has provided a brief overview of Merch’s concept, if you consider this a serious business, you can dig deeper through other articles or instructions from people who have or are selling and succeeding on Merch.

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