Dandelion is a medicine that is effective in supporting the treatment of cancer. Drinking dandelion tea daily helps reduce liver disease and increase body health

Dandelion is a medicine that is effective in supporting the treatment of cancer. Drinking dandelion tea daily helps reduce liver disease and increase body health.

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This plant has always been known as a small, cute, fragile flower. But few people know that the latent vitality in that small flower is also the great value it brings to human health. An Quoc Thai herb and you, let’s learn together to better understand the use of dandelion as well as its use!

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What is a dandelion plant

?Dendel is also known as plowshare vegetable, spearhead plant, wild lettuce, sky lettuce, belongs to the daisy family and has the scientific name Lactuca indica L.

Picture features of dandelions

It is a herbaceous plant, with a short life of only 1-2 years, smooth and erect stem with purple spots, only half a meter high, sometimes up to 2m tall. Leaves alternate and sessile or toothed, completely whole

dandelion flowers

Dandelion flowers have a fragile beauty, carry many symbolic meanings in love, often grow in clusters arranged in clubs about 20cm long, branched, often growing at the top or between the leaves. Cylindrical, yellow perianth consisting of 8 to 10 flowers on each head.

The long corolla has a stigma and awl-shaped spines. The fruit is black, has pale white hairs, exudes a resinous secretion when clicked. Flowering season usually falls around June – July every year and results in September. Flowers have many colors such as Vietnamese type usually yellow like chrysanthemum, Chinese type purple, white, …

Yellow dandelion flowers

White dandelion

Purple dandelion

dandelion leaves

Dandelion leaves grow from smooth and elongated roots that are shaped like an inverted oval. The outside of the leaves have a curved tooth like a curl or a split feather grows alternately long and thick. The leaves that grow outside will have a spreading direction. and curved downward, while the leaves growing inward will tend to grow upright.

Fresh dandelion leaves

Dried dandelion leaves

dandelion root

Dandelion root in recent years is known as a liver tonic, laxative and especially for its use in cancer treatment. According to research at the prestigious and longstanding Cancer Center in the US, Memory Sloan Kettering (MSKCC), dandelion root contains active polysaccharides with strong activity, similar to that in some wild mushrooms, which have a beneficial effect. used to prevent tumor formation.

Its roots are stick roots, which are rooted straight into the ground but not deep, about 7-10cm long, just as big as a little finger. The roots of this plant have a bitter taste and are often harvested together with stems and leaves to make medicine. Most of the anticancer medicinal properties are concentrated in the roots.

Where does dandelion grow

?The plant often grows wild in the northern provinces of our country, the midlands or plains with an altitude of less than 1000m above sea level.

In the world, the tree is also distributed in some countries such as China, Japan, Philippines, India, Indonesia and some Indochina countries.

As a moisture-loving, easy-to-grow plant, it is often planted in gardens, along roadsides, fields, fields or riverbanks.

People usually gather around April, pick the leaves to dry or use fresh. In addition to leaves, flowers and fruits can all be used as medicine and have very good uses.

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Pictures of Vietnamese dried dandelions

How many types of dandelion are there

?How to recognize this plant? According to the book “Vietnamese precious medicinal plants and herbs” by Prof. Dr. Do Tat Loi said that this plant has 3 different types. And they are distinguished by ecological characteristics and place of growth.

Vietnamese dandelion

Vietnamese dandelion is also known as dandelion, sky lettuce or plowshare. In the past 10 years, people have read it as male dandelion. This type has low medicinal content, the plant belongs to the daisy family. Asteraceae.

Vietnamese dandelion

Body straight, only about 1m high, with nodules. Leaves are thin, lanceolate, wrinkled, serrated margins, sessile, dark brown above, lighter underside, pliable dried leaves. Harvest leaves in June – July every year.

Dandelion flowers in Vietnam

Pictures of dandelions in the North of Vietnam

Chinese Dandelion

Scientifically known as Taraxacum officinale, it is also a plant in the family Asteraceae. The dwarf stem is only about 60cm tall, growing directly from the roots, the leaves are single green, clustered at the base like an asterisk, the middle leaves grow straight up, the outer leaves are curved down, the color of the upper surface is darker than the lower surface.

This is also a commonly used medicinal herb. Its effects and usage will be revealed right in this article.

Chinese dandelion

dandelion in the sky

Also known as fire-breathing tree, dog tongue grass. The Tay people call it Nha Dan tree, the Thai people call it co tat deer. And Eastern medicine doctors call it the Hunan Zen tree. In traditional Chinese medicine books it is called Fire Root Failure, heaven or earth suffering.

In our country, based on the color of the flower, it is classified: purple flower dandelion, white flower and yellow flower. All can be used to make vegetables or brew dandelion tea to drink. However, their medicinal properties are different, it is necessary to distinguish them and learn them carefully to avoid unnecessary risks.

How to make dandelion into medicine

After picking, wash. Then dry, put in plastic bags to preserve and use gradually.

Effect of dandelion

Treatment of breast swelling, blocked milk ducts.Inhibits the growth of tumors, often used to support the treatment of cancer.Treatment of stomach pain, poor digestion.Treatment of boils that are swollen with pus, frequent boilsTreatment of postpartum postpartum, breast swelling caused by milk accumulationTreatment of long-term sores, snakes, scorpion bites,Treatment of acute conjunctivitisTreatment of acute swelling and inflammation,Treatment of constipation, laxative, tonsillitis treatment of appendicitis, acute hepatitis, liver and biliary disordersUses against osteoporosisStrengthens health, cures weakness.Treatment of stomach ulcers, breast cancer.

The effect of dandelion to treat blocked milk ducts

Women after giving birth often have blocked milk ducts due to the excess milk remaining due to the baby not sucking all or because you do not pump all the excess milk, leading to the remaining milk causing blockage, if you do not know how to easily lead. to mastitis and breast abscess.

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Therefore, using this medicinal plant is the method chosen by many women after giving birth, it cures blocked milk ducts extremely well and effectively. Besides, it helps to prevent some unwanted diseases from happening and bring you better health.

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The effect of dandelion to treat acne

It is used to treat boils, acne extremely well and effectively that few people know. The stems and leaves of the plant have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties that are great for using them to treat acne and other types of acne.

Drinking dandelion juice regularly every day will improve your skin whiter and more beautiful while eliminating pimples and acne that cause discomfort to the body.

The effect of dandelion to treat stomach and duodenal ulcers

Due to heavy use of alcohol, substances containing many stimulants or due to unstable living habits, stress, etc., for a long time, it will affect the stomach more or less, causing an extremely severe stomach ulcer. serious.

The use of dandelion helps to clear heat, detoxify the body, limit the condition of stomach and duodenal ulcers, and help you reduce pain, prevent pain and prevent disease extremely well.

Dandelion has a detoxifying effect on the liver

We often have the habit of using alcohol in an uncontrolled way, or using hot and spicy foods and drinks, leading to liver damage and over time gradually forming various types of cancer. diseases harmful to health.

This is a right choice because it detoxifies the liver, purifies the body to help your liver eliminate waste products that are harmful to the liver, helping you to have better health.

Dandelion helps in the treatment of gout.

Gout is formed due to the impact of the environment in addition to the unstable way of daily living. Causing the patient to feel numbness and tingling in the big toe or in the inflamed joints, then more or less affecting health.

The medicinal properties of dandelion are very effective in treating gout. Helps you reduce the pain caused by gout and effectively prevent gout.

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dandelion flower tea

What does dandelion cure?

Dandelion contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, starch, fat and elements magnesium, calcium, especially iron, which are higher in amaranth. Effective in treating joint pain, muscle pain, blood tonic, belching, eczema, and treating some diseases such as:

Dandelion has the effect of supporting the treatment of Cancer:

Remedy: Use 25g dandelion root, 25g dandelion leaf, 45g sharp black musk tree with 1 liter of water. Use to drink every day, 2 times a day.

The remedy from dandelion root has a bitter taste but is not too difficult to drink, if used regularly and regularly, cancer can be quickly repelled.

Dandelion cures breast swelling, blocked milk ducts:

You just need to take 20g of dried dandelion leaves and boil water daily. Or you can take 40g of fresh dandelion leaves, then wash and add a little salt, pound, squeeze to drink water, and the residue is used to cover the painful swollen breast. Use 2-3 times and it will be cured immediately.

Dandelion treats poor digestion, boils

Use 15g dried dandelion leaves and 600ml water (about 3 cups of water); sharp until reduced to 200 ml (1 bowl) (or can be boiled thoroughly and kept boiling for 20 minutes); Take it continuously for 4-5 days, or maybe longer.

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Dandelion juice helps to beautify the skin, keep it in shape, and prevent cancer

Dandelion cures stomachache

How to cook Water: Use 25g of dried dandelion leaves, 20g of dried purslane, 15g of dried ginseng. Boil with about 1 liter of water, bring to a boil over low heat until about 300ml is left, then filter for drinking water during the day.

Sac drank continuously for 10 days, then took a break for 3 days and persistently rotated the drink as above until it was cured. (“Vietnamese medicinal plants and herbs” – Do Tat Loi published in 2004)

Dandelion helps treat boils, venomous snake bites

If you get bitten by a snake. After sucking all the toxins, you take the crushed fresh leaves and add a little salt to the skin with acne (skin bitten by snakes) and then fix it with a thin cloth. Apply once a day, do the above continuously within 1 week and it will be cured

Dandelion to treat cholecystitis, gallbladder polyp

How to cook water: Use dandelion leaves to dry 30g with boiling water for 20 minutes to release all the medicinal substances and then drink. Can drink every day instead of filtered water.

How to use dandelion

Take about 10 – 15 grams of dried dandelion plant, wash it with clean water, boil it with 0.5 liters of water, then use it, can be used as a daily drink Depending on each person’s taste, sugar can be added for ease Drink Make a sauce in the dish: combine with cilantro to make a sauce that helps to increase flavor, at the same time, prevent free radicals, fight viruses and support detoxification. Stir-fried dandelion with garlic, squeeze a little lemon delicious when eaten. Can add a little chili and onion depending on the taste of each person. Also can process seafood noodles, help supplement omega 3, fat, bring many health benefits Dandelion tea: Take about 15g dandelion Dried dandelion, put in boiling water to drink like normal tea. Drinking dandelion tea is the best way to take advantage of this herb’s cooling and cooling properties.

Stir-fried spinach

Remedy for liver cancer with dandelion

Black Musk… 20gram Dandelion 20g

Those who use dandelions

People with stomach pain, appendicitis, acute conjunctivitis Cancer patients People with intestinal diseases, poor digestion Women with blocked milk ducts People with liver diseases People with constipation, laxatives People with sores, boils Normal people still Can be used to increase the body’s resistance, strengthen the immune system

Where is dandelion for sale

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