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The image of the royal virgin tree

What is Crinum latifolia

? Crinum latifolium L. is also known as broadleaf clover, broadleaf clover, ten thousand chrysanthemum orchids, ten academicians, etc. In addition to the common names for herbs. Also known scientifically as Crinum latifolium L.

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According to research documents, royal virgins originally originated from India and then migrated to neighboring countries such as China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

In our country Crinum latifolium L. is widely grown and grown in all three regions of the North – Central – South. In which, the provinces of Quang Nam, Da Nang, Hue, … are the places where many of these species are grown.


This is a large herb that can grow well in hot and humid tropical climates. Here’s how to recognize this precious medicinal plant.

The stem of the Crinum latifolium looks quite like an onion, about 10-20cm in diameter, there are many seedlings that grow from the onion stem that can be split to grow into a new tree. Crinum latifolium leaves are wide, 60-90 cm long, about 5 cm wide, with a wavy edge. The leaf plate has parallel veins, the lower surface has a prominent leaf spine forming a groove on the upper surface, the leaves close to the ground are purple-red. White Crinum latifolium flowers grow in clusters, each canopy has about 6-20 flowers growing together on a handle about 30-60cm long. The flowers of this plant usually bloom in March and April, the long petals spread out on both sides, looking very beautiful. Around August, September this herb will result in spheres.

How to distinguish Crinum latifolium tree from other trees

Crinum latifolium has long been handed down by folk with great uses in the treatment of dangerous diseases such as cervical fibroids, prostate fibroids, breast tumors, etc.

However, an alarming fact is that the use of this herb is mainly spontaneous, orally. Therefore, many people have “wrongly” used medicinal plants, causing unpredictable consequences. Therefore, to ensure safety, patients should equip themselves with some knowledge to distinguish Crinum latifolium L. from other plants.

Distinguish the royal virgin from the white flower bed

Fresh leaves: In the form of fresh leaves, people can easily distinguish the Crinum latifolium from the white flowers. Because Crinum latifolium leaves are usually thin and light green in color. Meanwhile, sunny white flowers have thick leaves and dark green color. Dried leaves: Unlike fresh leaves in dry form, it will be difficult for users to distinguish these two plants if they are not observant and have in-depth knowledge. In fact, the smell of dried virgin leaves will have a characteristic aroma of essential oils. And if you see the smell of the throne, not fragrant, it is definitely a white flower stalk. Tubers: Tubers with white flowers are usually light red, oval in shape. The tubers of the virgin tree will be white and round, so it is easy to distinguish. Flowers: The flowers of the virgin tree are pale pink and the flowers are white.

Crinum latifolium flowers are usually pale pink, while the sun flowers are pure white

Distinguish royal virgin from lily of the valley

Some basic characteristics help patients to quickly distinguish these two plants:

Fresh leaves: As mentioned above, the leaves of the virgin tree often have a large and wide version, but the later they become thinner. Meanwhile, the leaves of lily are small and long from beginning to end. Dried leaves: After drying, lily leaves will not have the same fragrance as virgin leaves. Flowers: This is the most obvious difference between these two plants. If the lily has a deep red or pure white flower color with a pungent aroma. The flowers of the Crinum latifolium tree are pale pink, with a faint, gentle fragrance. Tubers: Tubers are usually much smaller than Crinum latifolium tubers.

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The leaves of the lily are small and the leaves of the virgin tree are wide at the top and get smaller at the end

Collection and processing department

Parts collected: Normally, people often harvest the leaves of Crinum latifolium L. for medicinal purposes. Harvest time: Crinum latifolium tree is harvested in June-July when the medicinal properties of the leaves of this herb are at their best. Preliminary processing: After harvesting, the virgin leaves are washed, removing impurities and bacteria residing on them. Then cut into small pieces and use fresh or dry, yellow star to use gradually. Preservation: For fresh chamomile, it is best for patients to use it immediately, and in case it is not used up, it can be stored in the refrigerator compartment to ensure freshness and nutrients. For dry virgins, they should be put in an airtight bag or box, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Chemical composition of Crinum latifolium tree

According to published scientific studies, Crinum latifolium contains 32 types of alkaloids, divided into 2 distinct groups: heterocyclic and non-heterocyclic. In addition, this herb also has 11 amino acids and many organic acids and other beneficial active ingredients.

The essential active ingredients of Crinum latifolium include:

Crinafolin Crinafolidin Lycorin β -epoxyambellin Hamann Volatile Organic Aldehyd Acid Compounds Terpen v Glucan A Glucan B Glucoalkaloids Latisodin Promotion Prazosin 2-epi lycorin 2-epipen crassidens Methanol

What are the effects of Crinum latifolium L.

?With abundant active ingredients Crinum latifolium L. is one of the herbs with many great health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the uses of Crinum latifolium L.

Treatment of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts effectively

According to scientific studies, the active ingredient alkaloids in Crinum latifolium Crinum latifolium L. have the ability to help the body strengthen immunity, fight inflammation, antibacterial, support pain relief and fight cancer quite effectively. Therefore, this herb is often used to prevent and treat diseases of ovarian cysts, cervical fibroids or prostate fibroids.

The outstanding effect of Crinum latifolium L is an effective treatment for uterine fibroids

Antioxidant effect

The antioxidant index of chamomile is many times higher than that of other common medicinal herbs (ORAC is about 1610± 150 μmol TE/g). Thanks to that, this herb is considered a “predicament” to help the body fight harmful free radicals, prevent the formation and growth of tumors, cancer cells very well. Because of this great effect, Crinum latifolium Crinum is often used in the treatment of cervical cancer

Improve the body’s immunity

A number of scientific studies have shown that the active ingredients in Crinum latifolium rind are able to stimulate the body to produce T-lymphocytes, inhibit inflammatory agents, and at the same time prevent and inhibit the growth of immune cells. growth of bacteria. Helps to improve the body’s resistance, enhance immunity to dangerous pathogens.

Works like an antibiotic

As mentioned above with an abundance of alkaloids including 32 types of Crinum latifolium L., is one of the herbs with excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why this herb often appears in remedies for coughs, bronchitis, arthritis, infections, boils, etc.

What disease does Crinum latifolium L.

?With such great uses as on Crinum latifolium L., it has long been used by doctors in the treatment of diseases.

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In Vietnam: This herb is often used to treat breast cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer. Some people even use it to treat lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, etc. In some southern provinces of our country, people often use Crinum latifolium L. to treat urinary tract diseases and use the leaves. or body to treat rheumatism, joint pain. In India: People often use the trunk of the virgin tree to rub it hot, pound it and then apply it to the skin to treat joints, acne or abscesses; Use extract from leaves to treat earache… In Cambodia: Virgin tree is used in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

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How to use Crinum latifolium L. and dosage

?Patients can use Crinum latifolium L. in the following ways to treat diseases:

Decoction form: This method is quite popular and applied by many people. However, they are time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially inconvenient for people with busy jobs. Note when sharpening you should use earthenware or porcelain to make sure not to lose the quality of the royal virgin. Live chewing form: This method is quite simple and convenient, especially suitable for those who do not have time. However, the taste of chamomile is not suitable for everyone and this direct chewing method is only suitable for the treatment of certain diseases. The form of pounding on the lesions: This method is often applied to treat bone and joint diseases, boils, or rheumatism, …

What is the effect of Crinum latifolium medicine?

Either way, the patient should not overdo this herb, but should follow the dose recommended by the doctor. It is best to take it in batches for the best absorption of the drug by the body.

Is it dangerous to use virgin tree or have side effects

?According to experts, there are still no scientific studies showing side effects and toxicity of virgin tree. So people can safely use this herb to treat related diseases.

However, before using, patients should consult their doctors to ensure safety. Because Crinum latifolium can interact with certain medications, supplements, or supplements that people are taking to treat other conditions.

Also make sure you have selected and used the correct chamomile plant and not other herbs to ensure the best treatment results.

Medications from royal virgins

Here are some remedies from Crinum latifolium L. You can refer to it in case of need.

Treatment of joint pain or hematoma

Method 1: Take the leaves of the virgin tree and bring it to heat and apply it directly to the painful area. Method 2: Take 20g of Crinum latifolium root, 20g of bone pain cord, 20g of hemorrhoid, 20g of milled leaves and 6g of licorice. decoction and drink during the day. Method 3: Take the tuber of the virgin tree and bake it until it is hot, then smash it, then cover it with a painful swelling.

Cough treatment, bronchitis:

Method 1: Take 20g of Crinum latifolium leaves, 20g of white skin, 10g of musk and 6g of licorice, and then divide it into 2-3 servings and drink it all during the day. Method 2: Take 20g of Crinum latifolium leaves, 12g of Crinum latifolium leaves, 12g of sour apple leaves, 6g of fine licorice and drink during the day to improve symptoms.

Treatment of prostate cancer

Method 1: Take 20g of Crinum latifolium decoction and then divide it 2-3 times a day. Method 2: Take 20g of Crinum latifolium leaves, 12g of plantain seeds, 6g of decoction of licorice, and drink it all during the day. Method 3: Take 20g of Crinum latifolium L., 20g of hemorrhoids, 12g of scratched grass roots, 10g of three salted stars and 6g of fine licorice with 100ml of water and then drink it 2-3 times a day.

Treatment of uterine fibroids

Method 1: Crinum latifolium leaves 20g, grass roots scratched 12g, dried herbs 20g, royal 8g, licorice 6g. Take 1 decoction per day, drink it 2-3 times. Method 2: Crinum latifolium L. 20g, 12g sample, 20g fresh wormwood, 20g hemlock, 20g fresh lotus leaf, 6g decoction of licorice root into medicine and divide 2-3 times a day. Method 3: Crinum latifolium 20g, 6g licorice, 12g black star cypress leaves and drink 1 month per day.

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Treat pimples:

Method 1: Take the leaves or tubers of Crinum latifolium L. with a sufficient amount, pound it or bake it hot and then apply it to the boil. Method 2: Take 20g Crinum latifolium leaves, 20-30g female duckweed, 6g sharp licorice, then divide into 2-3 equal parts to use in a day. Method 3: Crinum latifolium leaves 20g, licorice 6g and honeysuckle 20g sharp into a medicinal ladder and drink it all during the day.

Treatment of allergic rashes

Prepare 20g of Crinum latifolium, 20g of honeysuckle, 12g of horse’s head, 6g of licorice, and drink it 2-3 times a day.

Notes when using royal virgin

It is a very good medicinal herb, but patients also need to pay attention to some issues after using Crinum latifolium L. to ensure the effectiveness of the remedies and their own safety.

In the process of using the remedy from Crinum latifolium Crinum latifolium, absolutely do not eat morning glory. Do not arbitrarily combine the use of chamomile with other medicinal remedies without the permission of the doctor. Because it can lead to drug interactions, putting the body in danger. Do not use Crinum latifolium Crinum latifolium L for pregnant women because it can lead to miscarriage. Patients with liver failure and kidney failure are also prohibited from using Crinum latifolium L. In the case of using virgin tree to treat disease but it is not effective, the patient needs to go to reputable medical facilities for intensive treatment.

You should consult your doctor before using this herb

How much does Crinum latifolium costa, where should I buy it

?If you are planning to buy and use this herb, you should be equipped with some knowledge about the price and where to buy it. below to avoid “money lost disability”.

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Price of royal virgins

Depending on the type of product selected, the royal virgin will have different prices. Specifically:

Fresh Crinum latifolium: This form is rarely sold on the market, or sold in small quantities, so the price has not been updated yet. Dried Crinum latifolium: The selling price usually ranges from: 150,000-250,000 VND / 1kg Crinum latifolium in the form of tea: Usually sold for 50,000 -100,000 VND / box of 30 bags of about 150g. Crinum latifolium high form: Price is 125,000 VND / 100g or more depending on the amount of remaining nutrients of this herb. As for functional foods and cosmetics made from virgin trees: The price of the product set will vary depending on the combination of ingredients, production facilities, distribution addresses, etc.

Prestige buying address

The best way to buy quality Crinum latifolium is to find traditional medicine establishments, reputable oriental medicine pharmacies, with clear operating licenses. You can refer to some suggested addresses below:

Vietfarm is located at 48, To Huu Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. Saigon Traditional Medicine Clinic is located at 1061, Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. City Institute of Ethnic Medicine and Pharmacy. Ho Chi Minh City is located at 273-275 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. The Central Hospital of Traditional Medicine is located at 22-29 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Crinum latifolium is known as a precious herb for human health. However, to ensure safety before using these folk remedies from this herb, patients should consult with traditional medicine experts.