Although black garlic is known to many people, not everyone understands the miraculous uses it brings. So is this garlic really good for health?

1. What is black garlic

?This is a product from garlic bulbs that have been processed, not available in nature. To obtain black garlic, ordinary garlic bulbs will have to undergo a slow fermentation process under extremely strict temperature and humidity conditions. Studies have shown that, compared with white garlic, fermented garlic has a much higher amount of active ingredients.

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Black garlic is garlic that has been slowly fermented under strict conditions

It is also thanks to the outstanding increase of the active ingredients in fermented garlic such as S-allyl-L-cysteine ​​(SAC), fructose, polyphenols or organic sulfur compounds that make this garlic possess beneficial effects. Great.

2. What are the uses of black garlic

?It can be said that this is a “small but martial” food. Here are the special uses of black garlic that not everyone knows.

2.1. Strengthen resistance, immune system

Not to mention fermented garlic, just regular fresh garlic has been known for its ability to prevent infection, antifungal, antiviral. Therefore, garlic after undergoing fermentation will help increase the activity of medicinal substances. Allicin is an amino acid in fermented garlic that has the ability to kill many different viruses and bacteria even when diluted.

This type of garlic is very effective in helping patients recover quickly, especially in cases of immunosuppression caused by radiation or chemical use.

Fermented garlic has a good effect on preventing bacterial infections

2.2. Preventing and supporting cancer treatment

One of the must-have uses of black garlic is that it can help prevent and support the treatment of some cancers. Specifically, thanks to the S-allylcysteine ​​compound in fermented garlic, it has the ability to inhibit a number of cancer cell lines such as stomach cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, etc. …

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In addition to minimizing the risk of cancer, this type of food also effectively prevents the growth of cancer cells.

2.3. Reduce blood fat, lower blood cholesterol

One of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, blood fats, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. is an excess of cholesterol in the body. Eating fermented garlic regularly and properly will help lower blood fats, reduce blood cholesterol and maintain them at a reasonable level, and increase HDL – cholesterol useful for the body.

Eating black garlic properly helps lower blood cholesterol and reduce blood fat

This has important implications for people in high-risk groups such as overweight, obese, elderly people, etc.

2.4. Free radical scavenger

The cause of many different diseases is free radicals. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent diseases, free radical scavenging is especially necessary.

This can be done through eating garlic fermented by organic sulfur compounds and tetrahydro carboline derivatives that can help radically scavenge free radicals in the body. It can be seen that it is not wrong to say that black garlic is a medicinal herb with great uses in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

2.5. Antioxidant

Compared with ordinary garlic, many studies have shown and confirmed that the antioxidant capacity of black garlic is much higher. Therefore, this type of food is very useful for cases of aging, wrinkled skin or people with skin inflammation.

2.6. Support the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

For people with cardiovascular diseases, black garlic is one of the great medicinal herbs. Along with lowering cholesterol in the blood, fermented garlic also helps to protect the vessel walls and promote blood circulation. From there, supporting the treatment of cardiovascular diseases takes place more effectively and minimizing possible complications.

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2.7. Protect liver cells

Eating black garlic regularly and properly also helps protect liver cells effectively. Especially with cases of cirrhosis, hepatitis, the great effects of this food have also been proven.

2.8. Reduce pain, arthritis

And yet, the benefits that this food brings to health must also include its ability to reduce pain and inflammation, and at the same time, help promote the recovery process and improve the function after injury of the muscle mass. , helping them become more supple and healthy.

3. Instructions to eat black garlic properly

With countless magical uses mentioned above, but black garlic only really works when used properly. You can refer to one of the following ways:

Direct use: Japanese scientists have shown that for adults, eating 1-3 fermented garlic bulbs per day is very good for health. Note that in order for garlic to be fully utilized, it should be eaten separately. Outside Alternatively, you can also squeeze 3-6g of fermented garlic into pure garlic juice to use.

Soak with non-alcoholic sticky rice: drink 1-3 times a day, 50ml each time.

Soak with honey: soak 125 – 150g of peeled black garlic with honey in a glass jar and use it after about 3 weeks. This is a way to use fermented garlic that is highly appreciated for its ability to treat colds, flu, sore throats, etc., extremely effective.

Like regular garlic, fermented garlic has been fermented but still has a slightly strong flavor. Therefore, if you find it too difficult to eat, you can use this food as an ingredient to improve the taste.

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4. A few notes when using black garlic for healing

Despite possessing many great health benefits, this food is not always good. In particular, there are some cases that are advised not to use such as:

– Pregnant women.

– People with internal heat.

People with liver, kidney and eye diseases should not eat too much.

People who are using anticoagulants or have a history of allergy to garlic should not eat.

People with low blood pressure or diarrhea.

Pregnant women should not abuse black garlic

In addition, to maximize the use of garlic, garlic should be eaten during or immediately after a meal. At that time, the body can easily absorb and secrete more gastric juice to help limit the negative effects on the stomach.

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The necessary information about black garlic as well as how to use this food introduced by above will hopefully help you maximize its effectiveness. If you need further advice, contact via hotline 1900 56 56 56 for support.