Control, command, govern to assume the direction of an affair to take control of a business

(plural) directions for use instructions to give directions to give directions

direction, direction of polarization polarization direction of the strongest growth (analysis) the fastest increasing asymototic direction asymptotic characterictic direction strong> characteristic direction cunjugate directions compound direction exce ptional direction exceptional direction normal direction linear method parameter direction parameter direction principal directions principal directions of curvature principal direction < /dd>

Adcock direction finder Adcock direction finder ADF (automaticdirection finder) finder automatic adjustment by direction adjustment by direction adjustment in advance direction sign for advance direction sign for forward direction air flow direction alternating direction method alternate direction method approach flow direction flow direction to arrival direction automatic direction direction finder (ADF) automatic direction finder baseline direction main line direction baseline direction direction bore-sight direction broad-side direction horizontal change direction command indicator Change Direction indicator Indicator (SNA) (CDI) command change direction change direction protocol redirect protocol change of direction character writing direction writing direction Clear Direction Flag (CLD) direction flag delete coordinate direction cross direction horizontal direction direction (ofan error) wrong direction direction angle direction angle direction arrow arrow direction direction beacon beacon direction direction board direction Direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) Directional cosine matrix Division Multiplexing (DDM) division multiplexing direction finder direction finder finding finding direction direction Finding Equipment (DFE) direction finding device finding method direction finding method direction flag flag float direction direction gauge direction indicator direction indicator needle direction indicator light indicator direction indicator g direction direction indicator light direction direction indicator meter direction direction key direction key direction key direction key direction measurement measurement strong> measurement in direction of action direction of action direction of application load direction direction of chip flow direction of current direction of flow direction< /strong> of dip direction direction of dip slope direction direction of flight flight direction direction of flow flow direction direction of ground water flow flow direction groundwater direction of irrigation irrigation direction of motion direction of motion direction of projection projection direction of propagation direction of wave propagation direction of rotation rotation direction of signal arrival direction of signal light direction of stream direction of flow flow direction of the maximum gain direction of the maximum radiation direction of the strongest growth direction of traffic flow direction information flow direction of travel direction direction of travel direction direction (of the vehicle) direction of twist vehicle direction direction of wave travel direction wave propagation direction of waves direction of waves pedosphere pedosphere direction column post direction column sign direction sign sign road direction sign < /strong> direction switch direction-independent radar radar earth-to-space direction earth-space direction electronic direction reverser electronic direction reverser end-on direction< /strong> meridian equi-signal direction isotropic extension direction extension direction g field direction flashing direction indicator lamp flashing light indicating flood direction flood direction flow direction flow direction flow direction flow direction flow direction flow direction flow direction flow direction development direction force direction direction of force forward direction forward-conducting direction forward-conducting direction going of in the wrong direction deviating grain direction grain direction grain direction great circle horizon direction< /strong> horizontal direction horizontal in-line direction incoming direction of a signal initial direction opening direction inverse direction opposite direction of light source direction direction of light source line writing direction writing direction of line machine direction machine direction machine direction machine forward direction direction main beam direction main beam direction nine beam direction h main-lobe direction making direction making direction making direction making direction nominal direction nominal direction normal direction< /strong> flow flow in the standard direction one-direction welding one-direction welding opposite direction opposite direction opposite direction signal signal opposite direction opposite direction pointing direction< /strong> of the antenna positive direction positive direction power-direction relay power-direction relay power-direction relay preferred direction dominant direction wind direction prevailing wind direction print direction print direction propagation direction radio propagation direction finding radio direction detection reference direction original direction reference direction reference direction projection reverse direction reverse direction verse direction reverse direction reverse flow reverse direction flow reverse direction reverse direction now reverse direction reverse direction now reverse direction running direction indicator displays runoff direction change flow direction speed direction sudden change of wind direction sudden change of wind direction text direction vectors vectors text direction transverse direction horizontal two-direction printing printing bidirectional water flow direction wind direction wind direction meter wind direction meter meter axial X-direction meter x Y-direction y-axis

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