Diet plays an important role in diabetes control. A diet that provides nutrition, sufficient quantity and quality, can balance blood sugar, ensure a balanced and safe condition when suffering from diabetes. What to eat with diabetes is something that any patient should know to protect and maintain their own health.

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Experts recommend that the basic rule in the diet of people with diabetes in general and type 2 diabetes in particular is to limit the maximum amount of glucose (carbohydrates), this has the effect of avoiding sugar increases. blood, limiting saturated fatty acids to avoid metabolic disorders. The menu for people with diabetes needs to be built to provide enough for the body with a stable and harmonious amount of sugar, which is the best thing.

1. What should people with diabetes eat?

If you have diabetes, you should add whole grains to your daily menu

Diabetics need to know how they should add foods accordingly, what to eat and what not to eat. Accordingly, the foods people with diabetes should eat include:

Powdered sugar group: Whole grains, beans, rice with bran on, vegetables… are processed by steaming, boiling, baking, minimizing frying, stir-frying… Root vegetables like tapioca also provide quite a lot. starch, so if people with diabetes eat these types, they need to reduce or cut rice.

Group of meat and fish: People with diabetes should eat fish, lean meat, skinless poultry, fat-removed meat, legumes… which are simply processed such as steaming, boiling, pan-frying to remove fat.

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Fat and sugar group: Foods with unsaturated fats are preferred in the diet of diabetics such as soybean oil, sesame, fish oil, fish fat, olive…

Vegetable group: People with diabetes should eat more vegetables in their menu through simple processing methods such as eating raw, steaming, boiling, mixed vegetables but should not use many types of fat-containing sauces.

Fruits: People with diabetes need to increase their intake of fresh fruit, or squeeze it into water to drink, but should not process it further by adding ice cream and sauces. Especially people with diabetes should choose flowers with low sugar content.

Also according to the National Institute of Nutrition, the ratio of energy-producing components in the daily meals of diabetics is specifically determined as follows, which will be very good in stabilizing and treating the disease:

Protein: Protein intake should reach 0.8g/kg/day for adults, ie this ratio should be equivalent to 15-20% of dietary energy.

Lipids: Fat percentage should be 25% of total energy intake, should not exceed 30%. This helps stabilize blood sugar, effectively preventing atherosclerosis

Glucose: The proportion of energy provided by glucose should reach 50-60% of the total dietary energy of diabetics.

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2. What should diabetics avoid?

Limit dried fruits as much as possible

For the best treatment of diabetes, people with diabetes need to limit the following foods:

Limit eating white rice, bread, vermicelli, tapioca flour, baked tubers

Limit foods containing saturated fat, high in cholesterol, causing an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, not good for health in general and people with diabetes in particular.

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People with diabetes should not eat fatty pork, animal organs, poultry skin, fresh cream, coconut oil, sweets, jams, syrups, carbonated drinks…

Limit the maximum amount of dried fruit, fruit jam … because this type contains a very high amount of sugar, which is not good for the health of the patient.

3. Principles of eating for people with diabetes

What diabetics should eat and what should not eat should follow the advice and certain instructions of the doctor. Besides, it is necessary to know and understand the principles to avoid high blood sugar, prevent and slow down complications of diabetes:

Divide your diet into several meals a day to avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar.

Eating in moderation, on time, should not be too hungry, or too full.

Do not change too quickly and too much the structure and volume of daily meals.

It is necessary to exercise after eating, avoid lying down, sitting in one place after eating, spend time doing sports to ensure health and support diabetes treatment.

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With the above information about the diabetic diet, hopefully it will help the patient have the most stable health.