A. What is the destiny of a man and a woman born in 1957, what color is their child’s age, how old are they this year?

You are looking at the analysis of what is the birth year in 1957, what is the age of the child, what color and direction is suitable when making a house, analyzing the horoscope of the year of the Rooster Dinh Dau (1957) for men and women. You will learn about the life horoscope of the 12 zodiac animals, the direction of destiny, which direction, which color, which number … of the age of 1957 male and female. Let’s see it now.

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Born in 1957, what’s your child’s age and color?, how old are you when you were born in 57? width=”600″ height=”400″ /> Born in 1957, what age is your child suitable for, what color is your child born in 57 years old?

1. Born in 1957, what destiny


Male and female born in 1957 par Hoa – Son Ha Hoa 山下火 – Fire at the foot of the mountain.

Mutual birth: Tho, Moc Tuong: Kim, Thuy Menh Son Ha Hoa mean?

Binh Than, Dinh Dau, Than are the gates of the land. Rooster is the gate of the setting sun. Fire’s qi rests and hides, Fire’s position also weakens, qi goes out as stealthy as the setting sun in the west, his strength is weak, the darker it gets, the more yellow it becomes. Moreover, at the time of the Monkey and the Rooster, the sun has gone down the mountain, the sunlight coming to this place is hidden, so it is called Son Ha Hoa.

Binh Than – Dinh Dau, People of Son Ha Hoa are often narrow-minded, self-interested, not strategizing enough, but their appearance is swaggering, always reasoning.

Loading the Son Ha Hoa sound, whether good or bad, should be careful when using them as a confidant or a collaborator because they are rarely sincere associates. The body of the Rooster with the Kim element is engraved by Fire, so it is often confused by fluctuations or bad luck.

What are the personality traits of a person destined for Son Ha Hoa?

Son Ha Hoa is characterized in his personality as enthusiastic, flexible, lucid, resourceful but shocking, difficult to control his emotions, quick to get angry, not good at hiding his inner feelings, straightforward and outspoken.

Son Ha Hoa is a man-made fire. The source of energy is not endless and sustainable like Tich Lich Hoa, Thien Thuong Hoa (an endless form of energy in nature), because they need a steady source of fuel, they need to be encouraged in time and properly.

Son Ha Hoa likes a life close to nature, loves freedom, in the natural setting they often have special creations, promoting a strangely strong intellect. Not only that, they are very eager to research, love to learn, study very well, are intelligent and lucid, often have high achievements and degrees.

Menh Son Ha Hoa should pursue research, book, and art jobs that require intensive intellectual, academic, or aesthetic dexterity (e.g. teacher, worker, etc.) organization, stationery, bonsai, decoration, embellishment, writing)

Should avoid jobs such as law, related to water such as rivers, sea, ponds, lakes, chemicals, etc., because it is easy to damage health, slow to advance, difficult to earn money.

Son Ha Hoa is intensely passionate in love, they are sentimental, easy to misunderstand, fall in love quickly, but soon realize the problem, and then go through a rather long search process to find their true love.

They often fall in love early but are shy, timid in expressing, only when they love too much, will their motivation to express be strongly motivated.

2. Born in 1957, what is your child’s age

?– Thien Can: Dinh

Compatibility: NhamPicture: Tan, Quy

– Zodiac: Rooster

Three unions: Snake – Rooster – Ox Four elements of the impulse: Rat – Horse – Rabbit – Rooster

The details of people born in 1957 with which destiny and age in Tam Hop and Tu Hanh Chong are below.

3. Born in 1957, what color is suitable when buying a car, painting a house?

Matching colors:

Destiny colors: Red, orange, pink, purple belong to the Fire element. The color of the same birth: Green, banana green belong to the Wood element.

Taboo color

Black, navy blue, and blue belong to the element of Water.

4. Born in 1957, what is the sign?

Male: Doai Kim belongs to the West of the Four Fates. Female: Can Tho belongs to the West of the Four Fates

5. Born in 1957, which number matches

?Male numbers: 6, 7, 8 Females: 2, 5, 8, 9

6. Born in 1957, what is the right direction when making a house, going out

?Male network

Suitable direction: Northwest (Life Qi) – Northeast (Phuc Duc) – Southwest (Thien Y) – West (Fu Vi) – Southeast (Luc Sat)

Female network

Suitable direction: Southwest (Life Qi) – West (Phuc Duc) – Northwest (Thien Y) – Northeast (Fu Vi) ) – East (Luc Sat)

7. Born in 1957, what age is suitable

?Male network:

Choosing a husband and wife: Mau Tuat, Nham Dan, Giap, Binh Than

Female network:

Choosing a husband and wife: Mau Tuat, Nham Dan, Giap Thin, Binh Than Horse age: Canh Ty, Binh Ngo, Nham Ty, Giap Ngo

What age was born in 1957? Which age network?

– According to the concept of mutuality: Wood gives birth to Fire; Fire born Earth. Therefore, people of the Wood or Earth par are often suitable for people born in 1957.

– According to the opposite concept: Water meets Fire; Fire engraved Kim. For people with Thuy or Kim destiny, people born in 1957 are in conflict.

– Three unions: People born in the year of the Ox (the buffalo) and the year of the Snake (the snake) are the people who are very suitable for the age of the Rooster. If these ages get married, they will spend a lifetime together, living a fulfilling life. If they cooperate in business, they will rise like a kite and meet the wind, with abundant fortune because it is compatible with the fortune and love lines.

However, wanting to have a long happy life depends on the loyalty that these people have for each other and an absolute sincere love.

– Four elements of impulse: With the age of the Rat (rat), the age of the Rabbit (the cat) and the age of the Horse (the horse), Dinh Dau is completely incompatible. These age groups often have in common that is extremely conservative, rarely admitting they are wrong, or resisting, refusing to listen to other people’s opinions but insisting that they are right.

For these people, it is not advisable to argue to avoid troublesome things, if there is a conflict or one of the two parties makes a mistake, they have little forgiveness for each other, may turn into hatred, will be in danger of breaking up. future relationships if they keep smoldering without resolving conflicts and conflicts.

8. Buddha’s life in the age of the Rooster

The Buddha of Immortal Life, Minh Vuong, is the guardian and protector of people born in the year of the Rooster, this person in the five great Minh Kings of Tantric Buddhism is also the person with the highest legal power.

According to Buddhist scriptures, he is responsible for destroying human greed – hatred – delusion. The image of Immovable Minh Vuong represents the strength against the evil forces of the pagan religion and temptation. Bring happiness, peace and health to everyone.

You will be blessed and protected by Mr. Real Estate Minh Vuong when you bring him with you, will help your mind to be happy, life will have a lot of luck, resist the temptations of life and prevent from petty people. harm yourself.

9. Born in 1957, what color feng shui stone should I wear daily. If you use similar colors for the Fire par, you can use Green, this will help more money, fortune, and luck for the Fire people born in 1957.

Manh Hoa born in 1957 will be very good if they use Red, Purple Rose (which is the destiny color of Fire)

– Color of mutuality: Green feng shui stone jewelry belonging to the Moc par is the right jewelry for those born in the Fire parity in 1957, wearing it will help these people increase their mutual energy.

In feng shui, when using feng shui stone jewelry with the above colors, it will help stimulate the destiny energy developed by Moc Sinh Hoa, from which life and work will be more prosperous and favorable, good luck finding come and live more abundantly.

Compatible colors: Gemstone jewelry suitable for people born in 1957 is usually red, pink, and purple. Because the energy in the destiny will be raised by the colors of the Fire par, from there you will have more luck in life, attracting abundant fortune.

Carving color: In addition, white, gray, and gray stones are also suitable stones for people of the Fire par. People destined for Fire can carve Kim energy in white and gray feng shui stone jewelry, inscribed because Fire is inherently engraved with Kim.

Taboo color: Blue, black feng shui stone jewelry is the kind of jewelry that is taboo for people of the Fire par, so it should be avoided, because these are the colors of the Thuy par.

These are the opposite colors that hinder and inhibit the energy of the Fire destiny, making these people feel cramped, uncomfortable, work, life is stagnant because according to the five incompatible elements, when will Mercury also engrave Fire.

10. Feng shui gems for people born in the year of the Rooster 1957

If the five elements of the year of the Rooster born in 1957 are loaded with the sound of Son Ha Hoa, they should use some red, pink, purple, green feng shui jewelry such as: red agate bracelet, rose quartz bracelet Madagascar, amethyst bracelets, Aventurine blue quartz bracelets… this helps to stimulate wealth development.

– Red Agate: In Ancient Greek, its name comes from the word “agates” which means happiness. This stone has a strong exorcism effect, it is like a kind of amulet, in meditation and calm, it works quite well. Those who carry it with them often sleep very peacefully.

– Amethyst: Amethyst is a gemstone that often appears in the treasures of the ancient Egyptian civilization, it is an ancient object, on the crown of the British queen you can also see its location. attached. When you own this stone, you will have flexibility in communication, luck in relationships because this stone is a stone that represents wisdom.

– Aventurine Green Quartz: This quartz is often favored by people named fortune quartz, this stone gives the owner wishes for fame and fortune come true, it symbolizes for faith and opportunities in life.

Those who own this stone will automatically feel more relaxed, peaceful mind, alert mind, clear, full of energy every day.

B. See the life horoscope of the year of the Rooster Dinh Dau born in 1957

See the life horoscope of the age of the Rooster Dinh Dau born in 1957

Overview of lifetime destiny

Real Estate Minh Vuong is the guardian deity of the age of the Rooster (According to Buddhist theory). This person’s youth is often quite hard, wandering everywhere, however, when he later enjoys wealth and glory.

People born in the year of the Rooster are loved by people because of their intelligence, studious spirit, and skillful speech and hospitality. There will be a number of officials and generals in life if born at a good time.

In the life of the Rooster, if they want to be successful and enjoy the riches and glory, they often have to live far away from their hometown and set up a business in a foreign land, these people are hardly close to their relatives, brothers and family.

At the age of 23, 43 and 63 years old, Dinh Dau encountered a bad drought, which could be life-threatening. If they can safely overcome the accident, they can live up to the age of 70.

According to Buddhist theory, those born in the year of the Rooster are protected by Bhikkhu Sa, that’s why in life there are countless times of luck and accident, despite encountering many difficulties, difficulties, and deadlocks.

Destiny of life

Dinh Dau often suffers from criticism, but he is a person with a heart of compassion, respect and dignity, these people are good people, talented in organization. The mood of these people is less in a calm and relaxed state because there are many worries in life.

However, they can be concealed by a cheerful and pompous appearance. This person is an upright person, does not like to bend over and flatter others, has a good hunch, has a stubborn temperament, does not accept bowing, flatters anyone, is quite sensitive to feelings, has a strong character. In life, this person will probably experience prison or serious illness, so it should be carefully prevented.

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In short, the life of the Rooster Ding will be divided into two phases. Young people live difficult and hard lives, the second half of life is glorious and rich. However, in terms of children, it is a bit difficult to have a child.

Age for marriage

The ages of Quy Ty, Tan Suu, Dinh Ty… are the ages at which the Dinh Dau people get married. Ages like At Hoi, Dinh Hoi are the right ages for fame and fortune, can link to do business. The Ox years like Quy Ox, Ky Ox… are the ages that Dinh Dau can choose to be friends.

Tiger and Rabbit are the ages to stay away from because these are incompatible with the Rooster. Their temperaments with these people are extremely incompatible and difficult to get along with.

riclix.com has brought to readers, you have partly known what the year of the Rooster Dinh Dau born in 1957, which color and direction, and also the most suitable departure time frames, suitable for dishes what witchcraft.

Moreover, people born in 1957 also know what age they are compatible with or in conflict with, thereby can avoid disasters in business or marriage, create a peaceful life, happy.

So, how is the fortune horoscope of the Rooster Dinh Dau in 2020, good luck or bad luck, let’s find out more right below.

C. See the lifelong horoscope of the year of the Rooster Dinh Dau 1957 in 2020

The fate of people born in the year of the Rooster in 2020 according to the life horoscope is quite positive. Rooster people are naturally quick-tempered and outspoken. Therefore, in order to solve everything to be okay, they themselves should be tactful and peaceful, and need to yield to the other party.

The fate of people born in the year of the Rooster in 2020 according to the lifetime horoscope is quite positive

The career title of the year of the Rooster in 2020

In this year, the Rooster will receive a lot of luck and have noble people to support him, although the people born in the year of the Rooster do not have as much success as expected. That’s why their family religion is warm, peaceful, and their position of power is getting higher and higher, for sure. People born in the year of the Rooster are also destined to live peacefully until the end of their lives when they are old.

In this year, the fortune of the people born in the year of the Rooster is not bad, but this year’s money is quite scarce, rarely lingers long in these people’s pockets, it is easy to waste money. You should not be concerned with outside investments this year, but only with your main job.

For business people and traders, this year is an easy year for bad guys to fall into traps, so avoid big transactions, money should be careful to avoid being deceived, leading to bankruptcy.

The destiny of the people born in the year of the Rooster has just experienced upheaval, but this year they have committed the Thai Tue star, which is an extremely bad, fierce star intertwined in life and encounters many ups and downs that are difficult to remove. .

Because there are so many things happening, the Rooster also needs to spend a lot, so this year’s Rooster year on the road of fortune is not very happy.

However, the love story this year is quite smooth, the family is warm, full, and the money is abundant. For people born in the year of the Rooster who are single, happiness will quickly come.

In this year, the career of people born in the year of the Rooster does not have much good news, only at the level of does not normally go up. However, there are still some steady progress that is not so bad, in terms of social relationships, this zodiac sign is diplomatic and built quite well. This age is the age that is most likely to cause sympathy for the opposite person, for that reason.

When they see their friends in need and difficulties, these zodiac signs are ready to reach out to help if it’s within their reach. That’s why they have quite good social relationships, which also supports their future careers.

Rooster year in 2020 according to the horoscope, these people are difficult to succeed because of their nature or boredom, so things do not get as desired because they inherently do not have perseverance. Just do it to the end of the way, you blame yourself for not getting what you want and then give up.

The inherent insight and clarity of this animal can be lost, easily mistrustful of others, and lack the ability to judge and analyze thoroughly. The personal reputation of this zodiac sign can be affected by petty people spreading rumors, saying things that don’t say yes.

The fortune of the Rooster in 2020

In 2020, the fortune of the Rooster is also quite narrow, deadlocked, facing many uncertainties. There will be a lot of things happening to this animal, continuously and rapidly, so when going out, you should be very careful because you may be scammed, robbed, accidents, etc.

It is difficult for me to achieve my desired goal because in 2020 business investment will also face difficulties and unprofitable projects. Roosters need to balance their finances because in 2020 the income is not much.

What the Rooster needs to do in 2020 is to work harder. At this time, as long as you work hard, although the financial income is not significant, if you rely on your own strength and try your best, you can support yourself.

Absolutely do not take the risk of investing or making a large transaction because if there is, it will only result in failure, depression, and cost a large amount of money without reaping any benefits.

Rooster love in 2020

The emotional progress of the Rooster is quite ideal in 2020. This zodiac sign will have many satellites around, quickly find new love by being illuminated by many stars.

For those who do not have a lover, many people pay attention and confess their love this year. Many people follow and love secretly. It is also possible that this year this animal will find the love of his life and become a husband and wife, considering a big marriage.


People born in the year of the Rooster this year are in poor health like every year. This zodiac sign is more or less affected by health at any age.

Although the illness is not very serious, it lasts quite persistently, brings a lot of troubles, and weakens the destiny. What these people need to do is to stay optimistic, happy, and improve their own resistance to prevent diseases.

D. See the deadline for the year of the Rooster 1957 in 2020

Everyone’s life has to go through three ears, these are the years that cannot avoid troubles and troubles related to all aspects of life. Difficult waves and winds will rush to them in these three ear years. So, is the year of the Rat year 2020 the year of the three ears that the year of the Rooster in 1957 encountered?

All big things in the year of the three ears need to be delayed to limit bad omens. In order to reduce the risk for the homeowner, in these three years of disaster, find a way to pray to God to bless the accident to pass, and life to be more peaceful.

Star of the year of the Rooster and the year of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster 1957

In 2020, the year of the Rooster Dinh Dau 1957, the male network is 64 years old, and the star La Hau shines, the term Tam Kheo and the year Cuong Cuong Phong.

Sao La Hou is the main star of bad opinion, so being ruled by Sao La Hau is bad for both men and women, but it is more taboo for men, especially in the first and seventh lunar months.

In this year, there may be accidents, diseases of eyes and ears, blood and blood loss, loss of talent, disputes related to the law, public authority, controversy, gossip, affecting the whole family. In terms of both career and career paths, special precautions should be taken.

The main limit on health is the term Tam Kheo, people who meet the term Tam Stilts should pay attention to joint diseases, should not go to crowded places, avoid in humid places, when encountering conflicting situations in life, Avoid agitation because it can easily lead to injury due to collision.

In addition, it is also necessary to prevent surgical injuries such as limbs and joints for those suffering from Tam Khen term.

The image of a dog affected by the wind is also known as the Cuong Phong crane. Signaling a year of difficulties, obstacles and bad luck, poor health, still turning defeat into victory is not difficult if you wait patiently for the opportunity to come. Limit changes, it’s best to keep everything the same.

Choose a sure way to do business, keep credibility with everyone, things that have an element of chance to avoid participating, wait for opportunities and limit money output. You will meet a good friend, but the mind is prone to jealousy, avoiding quarrels, disputes, conflicts, keep yourself in all situations.

The star predicts the fate and fate of the year of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster 1957.

In the year 2020, the year of the Rooster Dinh Dau 1957, the female network is 64 years old, and it is predicted by the star Ke Do, the term Thien Tinh and the year of the Cuong Phong.

The star of Ke Do is a star that cries bitterly, so if both men and women are ruled by this star, they are considered bad. However, men do not need to be taboo as much as women, in March and September need to be careful.

There is a saying “Nam La Hau, Female Ke Do”, which means to refer to the austere stars of men and women. If a man encounters this star, he will continue to live normally, and do not worry too much if something unexpected happens.

However, a woman who becomes pregnant is unusually lucky when she meets this lucky star, this luck can also affect her husband. Reproduction is also more peaceful. A woman will have difficulties and difficulties in doing business if she is not pregnant.

The term Thien Tinh master health. People who meet this drought, are prone to health problems, especially in eating and drinking, and are susceptible to poisoning. You have to sincerely pray to God and Buddha to protect you when you are sick, and along with treatment, maybe the disease will quickly improve.

Women are also susceptible to poisoning if pregnant, prone to falling, leading to miscarriage if climbing high, or trying to reach objects from above.

The image of a dog being poisoned is known as Cuong Cuong Phong. It signals in the year that the destiny is weakened because of health, bad luck comes, but it is still possible to reverse the situation if you know how to wait patiently for the opportunity. Everything is best left as it is and should not be disturbed.

Choose a sure way to do business, keep credibility with everyone, avoid getting involved in things with an element of chance, so patiently wait for opportunities, limit money output. Be careful to keep yourself, avoid quarrels and disputes, meet good friends but easily generate envy.

Men and women born in the year of the Rooster 1957 also knew what their destiny was, what age they were, and what colors they matched with after reading the article that riclix.com provided. At the same time, to increase wealth for your age, you know which direction you are in, which numbers bring luck, and colors that match your age.

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Besides, men and women born in the year of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster born in 1957 can also know which age is right for them and carve them out in business and work to help make life more correct.

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