Recently, on Facebook or in the youth community, we often come across sayings like “hello, I’ve been standing here since afternoon” or “hi, I’ve been standing here since afternoon”. Surely many people will wonder about the usage and origin of this new hot trend. The following article will explain to you all questions about the hot trend hello, what does I stand here since the afternoon.

Watching: What are you standing here since afternoon

Hello, what have you been standing here since afternoon

?The phrase “hello, I’ve been standing here since afternoon” is one of the very familiar sentences that male friends often use today. Guys use this saying to tell a beautiful girl that they are waiting for a response, an emotional response or a related problem from the girl.

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In addition, young Vietnamese people are very quick to catch up with highly entertaining phrases, so this saying is also used to tease each other. Between friends, many people often comment or text each other with this sentence. In fact, there is no one standing or waiting for anyone, the young people just want the conversation to become more “salty” with an interesting sentence.

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Image of Youtuber Mimosa – the owner of the greeting saying hello to you, I have been standing here since the afternoon

Mimosa owns a youtube channel with more than 251 thousand subscribers. His videos are all highly entertaining, so some sayings while streaming suddenly became a trend for young people. For example, saying hello to you I’ve been standing here since the afternoon is also entertaining and fun, so it makes a strong impression. Mimosa said this sentence while in the clip sharing for boys who want to get to know a strange, beautiful, well-proportioned female friend. The way to start a conversation that Mimosa instructs is said to be a more subtle act of starting a conversation than male friends saying “you’re so beautiful, let me get to know you”.

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Through this article, I hope you can better understand the trend of saying hello to me, what is I standing here since the afternoon and the origin of this trend. Please use sentences appropriately and choose the right time to start a conversation to get a happy ending. Good luck!!!